Jon Hamm Is Not Unaffected, ‘Mad Men’ Creator Matthew Weiner Breaks His Silence

News broke last week that Jon Hamm and longtime partner, Jennifer Westfeldt, called it quits. The public in general was in shock to say the least. The reason for the Hamm-Westfeldt breakup was widely unknown, so naturally rumors and speculation were flying in every direction.

It’s no secret that Hamm enjoyed a party lifestyle; that is just one rumor thought of as responsible for the split. People added fuel to that source when they cited a source stating that it was assumed once Hamm got sober he would no longer need Westfeldt to take care of him. Of course, the source didn’t disclose whether it was assumed by the masses or the couple, it still seems a pretty insensitive train of thought to go with. The pair were together for over a decade, nearly two, and just last spring Hamm and Westfeldt fought off breakup rumors while he was in rehab for alcohol abuse. He credited her with the success of his treatment and she stood by him through it all. Things seemed normal and smooth, but was only months later that they chose to dissolve the relationship.

Others attribute the split to Hamm wanting children and Westfeldt not wanting children. According to Us Weekly, Hamm made mention of how much he admires celebrities that raise kids in this entertainment environment, although at the time of the interview he stated those reasons for not being ready to start a family. The source that disclosed this as a reason even went as far as to say that there has always been a rift between the couple because of this difference in mindset.

These sources cannot be be fully proven creditable, but a one Matthew Weiner is a not only the creator of Mad Men (in which Hamm starred in), but also a close friend to the couple. Weiner stands in full support of both Hamm and Westfeldt, but admits that it is hard and tough on both of them. It’s even harder because Hamm is a public figure that was part of a wildly popular T.V. series and people are hungry for gossip about him. Westfeldt, while in her own right, is very successful and well known,she is not as public as Hamm.

Hard as this separation may be for this couple, People reported that Weiner knows that they’ll be just fine.

“All I can say is I wish him the best. I wish them both the best. They’re both incredibly talented, wonderful people. They’ll both find happiness, there’s no doubt in my mind.”

No matter the reason, it’s hard to see any couple with any sort of longevity end things. We wish them all the greatness they are capable of.

What are your thoughts on the split? Did you see it coming?

[Image Credit to Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]