iPad Pro: 7 Changes From The iPad

Apple unveiled the iPad Pro at its event on September 9, fulfilling rumors that speculated its release. The larger iPad Pro sports some significant upgrades and changes over previous iPad models. Take a look at seven changes and features of the iPad Pro below.

More expensive than previous iPads

With the iPad Pro’s new features comes greater cost. $799 for 32 GB WiFi only version, $949 for 128 GB WiFi model version, and $1079 for 128 GB WiFi and cellular version.

Larger screen and improved display

The iPad Pro has a larger screen estate, extending to 12.9 inches compared to the normal iPad’s 9.7-inch screen. The screen features a 2732-by-2048 display at 264 pixels per inch.

Faster processor

Like the iPhone 6s processor upgrade over the iPhone 6, the iPad Pro contains an improved processor over previous iPads called the Apple A9X chip. Apple claims the A9X features 1.8 times the CPU performance and two times the GPU performance over the regular iPad’s A8X. With the iPad Pro’s larger screen and superior processor, consumers can expect Apple’s new tablet to be a better option for gaming.

Four stereo speakers

The iPad Pro is equipped with four stereo speakers that give an extra audio kick for the new iPad. The stereo speakers come in pairs that are fitted on the top

Apple Smart Keyboard

Eerily similar to the Microsoft’s Surface, Apple unveiled a thin attachable keyboard cover for the iPad Pro. Apple’s Smart Keyboard is sold separately from the iPad Pro for $169.

Apple Pencil

To much applause, Apple unveiled the Apple Pencil, their take on a stylus that works exclusively with the iPad Pro. The Apple Pencil, which claims to be the best stylus on the market when it comes to precision, is aimed primarily at artists and designers. Notably, the iPad Pro allows the simultaneous use of the Apple Pencil and the user’s fingers. Apple demonstrated the capability of the Apple Pencil at their September event with the Adobe Creative Suite.

Like the Apple Smart Keyboard, the Apple Pencil is sold separately for $99.

Force Touch

Like the new Macbook and Apple Watch, the iPad Pro also features a Force Touch enabled screen that reacts to increases in pressure. With force touch, a whole new range of commands or menus can be accessed just by increasing pressure on the screen. In this case, the Force Touch screen works in tandem with the Apple Pencil.

[Photo courtesy of Apple]