Super Bowl 50: Enter Doritos 2016 Crash the Super Bowl Ad Contest, Especially If You’re A DC Comics Fan

Super Bowl 50 will be played on Sunday, February 7, 2016 and Doritos is once again looking for entries into their Crash the Super Bowl commercial contest. If you have a great idea for an ad and could use $1 million, you may want to enter — it’s the last time Doritos will be hosting the contest.

Ad Week reports that Frito-Lay is putting an end to the annual contest that started back in 2006 and the prize is worth much more than $1 million. This year’s winner will not only win a nice chunk of change, but they also get to work with Zach Snyder, the director of the upcoming film Superman: Dawn of Justice. What the project the Crash the Super Bowl winner will work on with Snyder has not been disclosed by Frito-Lay, but it will include Warner Brothers and DC Comics.

Why is this the last Crash the Super Bowl contest, what is the process for entering?

Jeff Klein, the VP of Marketing at Frito-Lay recently released a statement that explains that this the 2016 contests is truly the “last shot” for people to get their “homemade ads” on the air on Super Bowl Sunday. The contest has had a great run and it’s simply time for it to end — but it sure is going out with a bang.

“This is truly last call for all of those who not only want a shot at $1 million—but want a chance to jump-start their career in Hollywood. We’ve had a tremendous run with the program. The Doritos brand sparked a marketing industry in terms of crowdsourcing. ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ has played a major role in legitimizing consumer content.”

If you want to win the epic prize package that goes along with winning the 2016 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest, here’s how to enter.

Once you have an idea for a 30-second commercial that includes Doritos brand chips, head over to the official contest site. Download the site’s handy online toolkit and read the instructions to make sure your ad abides by the contest’s rules.

The grand prize winner will receive $1 million, a chance to work with Zach Snyder, and a trip to California to watch Super Bowl 50 at the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara.

Get your best ideas ready now — entries must be received by 110:59 p.m. CT on November 15, 2015. Find all the complete rules and prize information here on the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl site.

[Image: Wikimedia/Frito-Lay]