Bernie Sanders Campaigns In North Carolina While Leading Hillary Clinton In New Hampshire and Iowa

Bernie Sanders’ Campaign may have been laughed off by many, especially those in Washington, due to his miniscule budget and far-left political ideas. So unassailable was Hillary Clinton’s lead, many pundits were predicting a Clinton v Bush matchup for the 2016 Presidential election. Not Bernie Sanders.

The Independent senator has remained self-assured throughout his campaign. Bernie Sanders has yet to attack Hillary Clinton regardless of the continued speculation of the email controversy plaguing the former Secretary of State. However, Sanders has since become the rising star in the Democratic presidential nomination despite running as an Independent throughout his political career.

America’s disapproval of Congress might just be the cause of the appeal of political outsiders such as Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Carla Fiorina. Portions of that electorate are now tuned into Bernie Sanders’ campaign and message. Sanders has been filling arenas such as tonight’s event in Greenboro, North Carolina, where 9,129 turned out to see the self-described democratic socialist speak.

look at this turn out!! and this is only half the stadium!! #FeelTheBern @BernieSanders

— Sarah (@SarahWagner_) September 13, 2015

Bernie Sanders is now enjoying a comfortable lead against Hillary Clinton in both New Hampshire and Iowa, according to a poll published by CBS News on Saturday. It is worth remembering that even Barack Obama lost New Hampshire to Clinton.

Should the Bernie Sanders’ campaign pull off a stunning victory in both primaries, it would be hard not to consider him as the front-runner given the media attention a win in both primaries would provide him.

Bernie Sanders is still struggling to catch up with Clinton in South Carolina. Also, the race may be heading for another twist with rumors of Joe Biden edging closer to throw his name in the field of candidates.

There is still much work to be done by the Bernie Sanders’ campaign; but, the Independent senator might just pull off a political upset during national primaries.

[Photo by Kayana Szymczak/Getty Images]