White House Invite: Woman Finds 1944 Invite From FDR’s White House

A White House invitation would arguably be a must-have item for most proud Americans. But a woman without a home said she recently discovered a White House invitation from the era of Franklin D. Roosevelt and at least one historian says the homeless woman could be looking at some money in her future.

According to WSB-TV 2 in Atlanta, the woman, Audrey Hudson of Portland, Ore., discovered the 1944 White House invitation in a box purchased at a garage sale.

“Audrey Hudson says she goes to yard sales to try to flip items to make some extra money.”

“She recently was moving a box of books she had set aside for her children when two things fell out.”

“One was a picture of a middle-aged man posing in front of the Alamo. On the back it had a caption that said ‘Filly at the Alamo.'”

“Hudson has no idea who Filly is.”

“The other item that fell out: an invitation to the White House.”

“The handwritten invitation with a picture of the White House in the background is dated Dec. 5, 1944, and was made out to Sgt. F.L. Bingswanger.”

“On the top of the invitation — first lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s signature.”

KATU-TV 2 in Portland spoke with historian Kerry Tymchurck, executive director of the Oregon Historical Society, about the rare White House invitation from the days of World War II. According to Tymchuck, the document is no different than what is required in modern times to enter the White House.

“It is similar to documents that you needed even in modern day to get into the White House…. I would say this is a real White House pass signed by Eleanor Roosevelt,” he told KATU.

As for what Hudson plans to do with the rare invitation signed by the former First Lady of the United States, Hudson said she will not be selling it although she stands to possibly earn up to $1,000 (according to Tymchuck’s estimates).

“It’s not about making money. It’s about doing the right thing,” WSB-TV quoted Hudson as saying.

A number of individuals could be receiving invitations similar to Hudson’s in coming weeks, as President Barack Obama is scheduled to welcome several high-profile guests to the White House, including Pope Francis in two weeks. According to Breitbart News, several religious leaders have been extended invitations to be at the White House to greet the Pontiff during his visit to our nation’s capitol.

[Photo via Flickr Creative Commons]