WWE Rumors, Spoilers: What Happens On Tonight’s ‘Raw’ — The Go-Home Show For ‘Night Of Champions’

Night of Champions is just one week away and WWE is prepping for a huge night full of grudge matches and title bouts. On Monday, the go-home Raw will take place and everyone always wants to see who comes out ahead when all is said and done. Sting, John Cena, Seth Rollins, the Dudley Boyz, and more are going to be there, but who will be left standing?

WWE.com has released their five-point preview for Monday Night Raw, and it tells a lot of what will take place on the go-home show. The final events of Raw could tell a lot about what will happen at Night of Champions and how the matches may go.

1. How will Seth Rollins retaliate against Sting?

Last week, the icon known as Sting took the statue of Rollins, dumped it into a garbage truck, and let the compactor destroy it. Now, Rollins will look to exact his revenge in the final time he will see Sting before their WWE Title match at Night of Champions.

Will Sting make history and capture his first ever championship in WWE? Fans may know a little more of what will happen Sunday by what happens on Monday.

2. Will Nikki Bella make history?

Charlotte wanted Nikki before Night of Champions to try and take the WWE Divas Title away from her and stop Bella from breaking AJ Lee’s record of 295 days. Nikki will tie the record on Monday at Raw, but she has to finish the night as champ to take the record as her own.

3. Which tandem will go to Night of Champions with the WWE Tag Team Titles?

The New Day have the titles, but must face the former champs, the Prime Time Players, on Monday. The winners won’t just have the tag straps, but will have the privilege (?) of defending them against the Dudley Boyz on Sunday night.

With rumors flowing of the Hardy Boyz possibly returning to WWE in the future, this could be a huge weekend for a couple of key players from the Attitude Era.

4. Who will join Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose against The Wyatt Family?

It could be Erick Rowan or it could be Randy Orton or it could even be Baron Corbin. WWE has been trying to send the minds of fans in different directions for who will pair with the former members of The Shield against The Wyatt Family. Still, many want to know if the following image was photoshopped or truly released by WWE accidentally.

wwe night of champions baron corbin

5. What new drama will unfold between WWE’s most talked-about couples?

This is all about the drama unfolding between Rusev/Summer Rae and Dolph Ziggler/Lana. Many thought there would be a mixed tag match at the PPV, but now Lana is “injured” as Cageside Seats reported, though she is expected to make a full recovery.

Night of Champions still has some open match spots with Ryback vs. Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Title expected to be added. A lot is going to happen on the go-home Monday Night Raw, and it’s going to be a very telling night.

[Image via WWE]