Topless Feminists Interrupt Muslim ‘Wife Beating’ Discussion At Conference, Are Violently Removed From Stage [Video]

Two topless feminist protesters working for FEMEN stormed the stage of a Muslim conference in Paris with messages written across their bodies, only to then be violently escorted from the stage.

Video of the incident has now emerged online, and it shows the pair throwing a black towel over two imams who were on the stage at the time giving a speech. The duo had several messages scrawled across their bodies in black pen, and they were naked from the waist up.

However, what was most distressing about the footage was that it showed the two women being violently removed by security staff at the Muslim Salon event, which took place in Pontoise, just north west of Paris, France, on Saturday.

According to the Daily Mail, one of the male security teams could be seen trying to kick one of the women while she was on the floor, as they were being removed from the stage. The two women, whose names have not revealed, were believed to be aged 25 and 31.

In the clip, they can be seen grabbing hold of the microphone and then shouting a lot in French. The two men on stage immediately stepped back from the action to allow the security forces to do their jobs. One security guard could be seen carrying one of the women off the stage, but then when more arrive they become more ferocious and drag the woman away.


It’s safe to assume that the women were part of Femen, as they had the word Femen written across their backs. While one of the women had the saying, “Nobody makes me submit,” written on her chest. According to the Mirror, this was a reference to the Islamic idea of “submission.”

Femen originally started as a group in Ukraine back in 2008. Over the years, their activists have used nudity to protest against organizations and governments that they don’t agree with. This previously saw them disrupt a speech on May Day from Marine Le Pen, the French far-right leader. The activists who ruined her speech used a bullhorn to shout out abuse and then made Nazi salutes.

Other protesters have dismissed the Femen’s approach, especially when they’ve confronted minority communities.

[Image via Maryna Pleshkun/Shutterstock]