iPhone 6S Heaviest iPhone Yet; Model Selling Out in China, Hong Kong

The new iPhone 6S is the heaviest iPhone yet. But for anyone assuming the iPhone 6S is heavy due to reinforcement designed to prevent bending, reports indicate that aluminum reinforcement has nothing to do with the added weight.

According to The Verge, Apple has confirmed to the news site that the new iPhone 6S has added only two grams of weight over its previous iPhone 6 model in terms of aluminum.

The added weight, which makes the iPhone 6S the heaviest iPhone yet – even heavier than the clunky first edition iPhone models to come out last decade – is the new 3D Touch display, The Verge reports.

“It turns out the extra heft comes almost solely from that new 3D Touch display. The display assembly now weighs over twice as much as before. In the 6, the display used to weigh 12 grams — it now weighs 29 grams. That’s because Apple had to add an entirely new layer to its display assembly to measure pressure. There’s a new capacitive pressure sensor built into the backlight of the display; as rumored, it makes the screen slightly thicker and quite a bit heavier.”

Even with the added weight, the iPhone 6S is making waves across the Internet. According to Apple Insider, the iPhone 6S Rose Gold model is a favorite among Apple super fans.

The site reports a waiting period for certain models of the new iPhone 6S, namely the Rose Gold model. They said in the Canadian market, “the only iPhone 6s models showing any delay at press time were the 64- and 128-gigabyte rose gold variants.”

Apple Insider went on to say that all models were delayed in China two to three weeks while models in Hong Kong were delayed as much as four to six weeks, further stating that iPhone 6S models in Hong Kong “were completely sold out at press time, unavailable for pre-order or reservation.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the new iPhone 6S is among several new Apple products announced at the company’s previous event last Wednesday (September 9). Among the new offerings from Apple: the Apple Pencil, two new updated models of the Apple TV, and a new iPad Pro.

No products have yet made it to the masses of Apple fans, though excitement has been building since Wednesday’s event, as evidenced by the sell-outs in China, Hong Kong, and the limited availability of certain iPhone 6S models in Canada.

[Photo via Flickr Creative Commons]