Amy Duggar Shows Some Skin During Mexico Honeymoon, Dillon King Says His Wife ‘Is Hot’ [Photos]

Amy Duggar recently wed her boyfriend Dillon King in Arkansas. However, the pair quickly headed off for a honeymoon in “paradise.” Amy Duggar and Dillon King are currently honeymooning in Cancun, Mexico, and aren’t being shy about sharing photos of their day-to-day activities while on their tropical getaway. In fact, unlike the other more conservative Duggar girls, Amy Duggar is breaking out her bikini tops and hitting the sand while on vacation.

The Duggar’s cousin Amy is living it up in Cancun with her new husband Dillon King. The Kings seem to be enjoying lots of sun and tropical beverages. The newlyweds initially shared some photos while on their airplane headed to Mexico noting they had an extremely early flight and that all Amy wanted was a mimosa. Though Amy King’s more conservative uncle Jim Bob and family do not consume alcoholic beverages, the Duggar cousin has no problem putting a few back. In fact, it seems she hasn’t had a problem finding fruity beach drinks since landing in paradise. Amy has posted a number of photos of her beverages to her Instagram account since making landfall.

Amy Duggar Honeymoon
Amy Duggar Honeymoon
Amy Duggar Honeymoon

As if the alcoholic beverages weren’t enough to send her uncle Jim Bob Duggar into a fit, Amy’s less conservative beach attire surely would. Amy posed in a number of outfits that her more conservative Duggar cousins wouldn’t be wearing. Amy broke out some short shorts like the ones in the neon photo above along with a bikini top that would make Michelle Duggar’s head spin.

Michelle Duggar has been vocal about her feelings regarding conservative swimwear. In fact, Michelle encouraged her daughters not to take a honeymoon to the beach to avoid inappropriate swimwear and drifting eyes. The Duggar girls wear modesty swimwear which feature tunic-style swimsuits with sleeves that are at least knee-length. Michelle says the modesty swimsuits keep eyes from going places they shouldn’t.

“The goal really is just to keep our focus on our countenance and to not be drawing attention to places that our eyes don’t need to be going,”

Though Jim Bob’s children have adopted the modest swimwear, cousin Amy has not. In fact, during her honeymoon, Amy King showed off a turquoise bikini top that revealed her stomach.

Amy Duggar in Bikini
Amy King steps out on her honeymoon vacation in a bikini top.

Amy’s new husband Dillon King was quick to point out in one photo caption that his “wife is hot” and says he couldn’t ask for a better wife.

Amy Duggar
Dillon King proudly posts a photo of his "hot" wife.

Did you know that Amy Duggar King is a fan of the bikini?

[Image Credit: Instagram]