New Limited Edition ‘Star Wars’ Watch Will Cost You As Much As A New Car

A new Star Wars watch, taking its styling cues from the TIE Fighters in Star Wars, is being offered to 500 of you who have the willingness to part with the exorbitant amount of money it costs to obtain.

For $28,500, you could wear the Devonworks limited edition Star Wars watch.

Before you start complaining that some company somewhere is just cashing in on the Star Wars name, you should consider the pretty much unequaled quality and features of the Devonworks Star Wars watch.

The Limited Edition Star Wars watch from Devonworks has 350 individual parts, four time belts, four microstep motors, and 313 electrical contacts. The black Imperial design takes styling cues from Darth Vader’s helmet, the wings of a TIE Fighter, and crest of the Galactic Empire. The watch features titanium fasteners, lubricant-free ruby bearings, an onboard microprocessor, a lithium-polymer rechargeable cell (which operates for two weeks on a single charge), a true black diamond-like coating, and a scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens “with bulletproof durability.”

Each of the limited edition Star Wars watches from Devonworks is numbered from one to 500 on the back plate and will come with a smart set of TIE Fighter cufflinks for the man who apparently has everything — including money to burn.

Scott Devon, the founder of Devonworks, talked about his company and the Star Wars watch on a YouTube video on the Devonworks website.

“[Devonworks is] a design and advanced engineering lab based in Los Angeles, California, dedicated to creating innovative and revolutionary products that bend reality. I’m excited to introduce our latest creation formed with a collaboration between Disney’s Lucasfilm, the U.S. Aerospace Industry and Devonworks.”

So far, the response to the announcement of the Limited Edition Star Wars watch from Devon has been mixed.

Some fans are extremely excited about the new Star Wars watch.

While others were less than thrilled about the new Star Wars watch, complaining about the unattainable purchase price of $28,500.

If your pockets are deep enough to go for it, the Limited Edition Star Wars watch can be pre-ordered from the Devonworks website.

[Image via Devonworks]