Is Kanye West Going To Leave Kim Kardashian After Baby Is Born?

Another shocking rumor has appeared all over the Internet: Kanye West is about to leave Kim Kardashian! RadarOnline started the rumor.

“As the birth of her son approaches, has exclusively learned that Kim Kardashian is afraid Kanye West could soon leave her,” the tabloid website reported. They go on to list reasons. One of them is because Kim Kardashian has allegedly become very “hormonal” during the pregnancy.

The main problem with all of this is that it just may not be true. Once again, Gossip Cop puts the cuffs on the story.

“Kim Kardashian is not afraid Kanye West will leave her as soon as her baby boy is born, despite an entirely fabricated report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this story, which was manufactured by a webloid. We’re told it’s completely false.”

According to Gossip Cop, RadarOnline has been on a Kardashian marathon this past week. Just a few days ago, the website reported an equally false report about Kardashian looking to sell the first photos of her unborn baby.

A couple weeks back, several websites were criticized after body-shaming Kardashian. It started out when Buzzfeed created a hit-piece that compared Kardashian to Barney Rubble (Flinstones) and a baked potato. Commenters went in for the attack.

“She doesn’t look fierce. She looks like her tasteless husband dressed her. And he’s colorblind. I hope,” said Virginia Khouri.

However, there were some Buzzfeed readers who defended Kardashian and condemned Buzzfeed for body-shaming Kardashian.

“I don’t get you guys posting about dealing with bullys [sic] when you are bullying her yourself. If you don’t like her, don’t cover her. It is not funny to be body-shamed. Stop being a bully,” claimed Aisyah Begum.

Marlow Stern of the Daily Beast also noted the body shaming and said that Kim Kardashian deserves our respect instead of being bullied.

“She is body- and slut-shamed left and right—even while pregnant during the VMAs. But the reality is that Kim Kardashian was never a ‘ho,’ and has always deserved your respect.”

While many would argue whether or not Kim Kardashian deserves our respect, body-shaming has become a sensitive subject in the American media and even though Kardashian was probably disturbed by it, she’ll be happy to know that because of the hurtful bullying against her, more are aware of the negative effects of body-shaming. As usual though, Kim Kardashian will end up laughing herself all the way to the bank.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images Entertainment]