Slim Jesus Draws Ire From Lil Mister, Twitter Says Suburban Rapper Is 'Slim Shady If His Talent Died On The Cross'

Slim Jesus has something a lot of YouTubers would kill for: a video with over 3 million views and counting. He also has hundreds of angry Twitter users throwing shade at him, endured a death hoax, and even had one rapper challenge him to a fight.

If you haven't heard of him yet, Slim Jesus is the nom de guerre of a white, 18-year-old rapper from the suburbs of Cincinatti. He uploaded his first video to YouTube on August, 18, where it languished in obscurity for weeks.

The video, called "Drill Time," in reference to the drill genre that originated in Chicago, features Slim Jesus and his friends flashing cash and brandishing weapons in their suburban neighborhood, while Slim shows off how many swear words he knows.

Spoiler: it isn't very many, but he does an admirable job of repeating the ones he does know ad nauseam.

The video also opens with a bizarre disclaimer that caused some to question whether or not Slim Jesus was serious in the first place.

(Content warning, re: the previously mentioned harsh language.)

Slim Jesus clearly wants to draw parallels between himself and a significantly more famous, white, thin, blonde, skeleton of a rapper, but any resemblance is only skin deep.

In "Drill Time," Slim Jesus is clearly doing his best to mimic his favorite drill artists, which include Chief Keef and Lil Bibby, according to Complex.

He probably has more in common with Rebecca Black than Marshall Mathers.

The video blew up on Twitter when it went viral, and a lot of people had unkind things to say about his talent, or lack thereof.

Others noticed a certain similarity between Slim Jesus and a former child star.It might be worth noting that, despite the similarities, Slim Jesus isn't Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle. The FW ran a "where are they now piece" on the sitcom a while back, and Erik Per Sullivan, the real Dewey, isn't Slim Jesus any more than Marilyn Manson is Paul from The Wonder Years.

In addition to angering Twitter's rank and file, Slim Jesus also managed to draw the attention of a rapper who is actually from Chicago.

Lil Mister thinks Slim Jesus has "swag jacked" him, and reportedly wants to fight the suburban rapper.

(Content warning: language)

Lil Mister also recorded a diss and put it on YouTube. It doesn't have 3 million views, but Lil Mister clearly drills harder than Slim Jesus.

(Content warning: language.)

Despite the negative attention, Slim Jesus seems to be content with his newfound viral fame.What's your take? Is Slim Jesus legit, or is he just Rebecca Black with a Glock?

[Screenshot via YouTube]