Green Bay Packers Start The Season At 1-0 After A Win Over The Chicago Bears

The Green Bay Packers opened the season today against the Chicago Bears in what can certainly be called a bitter rivalry. The rivalry between the two teams is longstanding and vehement. ABC 7 out of Chicago reports that the two teams have met 190 times throughout history. As has been the custom for years, true Packers fans despise each team on their Wisconsin border. It’s hard to say which team is hated more, but this week it will most definitely feel like that title is held by the Bears.

While the Bears maintain Jay Cutler as their quarterback, they are under a new leadership with coach John Fox. This game will give fans more of a glimpse as to how the QB and new coach will communicate and work together.

The Packers, too, are undergoing some changes, although more unwillingly. With the injury of Jordy Nelson, fans began to fear the impact of the passing game but, as chance has it, the Pack were able to reacquire James Jones as a receiver last week. The New York Times reports that Jones hasn’t played with Green Bay since 2013, instead signing with the Raiders and then the Giants. As the Giants released him in the preseason, the Packers were able to resign him. Packers nation is screaming out his praise today; he was the receiver for two of the Packers touchdowns, and nearly a third in the final quarter. Throughout the game, Twitter was ablaze with positive feedback for the player.

At the end of the first half, the score was Packers 10, Bears 13. The Bears had more first downs, more yardage and 18 minutes, 20 seconds of possession compared to the Packer’s 11 minutes, 40 seconds. Overall, it wasn’t much of a difference, but it was enough to leave them trailing by three. Not the way the Pack wanted to end the half, but they came back out ready to change it up.

In the second half, the Packers were able to put away three touchdowns, one with help of linebacker Clay Matthews. Matthews intercepted the ball in the fourth quarter, running it for 42 yards, setting up a touchdown run for Eddie Lacy. Overall, the Packers offense was focused and determined on the field today, whereas the Bears offensive line just couldn’t match them.

Kudos to the Pack for a job well done.


[Image Credit to Jim Biever,]