Usher Grilled In Court Over Extramarital Affair

Usher and his ex Tameka Foster are currently in court battling for custody of children and things aren’t going to smoothly for the R&B singer. Usher was grilled today by his ex-wife’s attorney who accused the singer of caring more about partying than his children.

TMZ reports that one of the accusations lobbed at Usher today involved one of Tameka Foster’s bridesmaids. Foster’s lawyer accused Usher of having an affair with one of Foster’s best friends, Maya Fox Davis.

The affair was brought up after Usher’s lawyers ripped into Foster for constantly bringing nannies in and out of her children’s lives. Tameka’s lawyer countered, asking Usher if one of the nannies had “left Miami because you were discovered in bed with Maya Fox Davis?”

Usher objected but it was still a very dramatic incident.

AntiMusic reports that Usher is trying to get more custody over his kids but his past may keep that from happening. Tameka has also accused Usher of using drugs, including pot and ecstasy. Usher admitted that he had smoked pot in the past but that he would never do drugs in front of his children.

Here’s a video of Usher breaking down in court today after all the bad father accusations.

Last month Usher was spotted at Disneyland with his two boys. Do you think Usher is a good father?