Kanye West Pulls A Kanye, Steals Designer's Showtime At New York Fashion Week

Jody Jameson

If Kanye West was so upset that people only remembered him for the disrespectful way he treated Taylor Swift in 2009, he's not doing much to help his case.

In his rambling speech at the VMAs this year, Kanye made it very obvious that he didn't like the way people never let his 2009 VMA stunt go, but apparently that didn't deter West from disrespecting someone else in a similar spotlight-stealing way, as reported by Fox News.

It all started when Kanye decided to surprise everyone, and we all know how Kanye surprises go.

Fashion designer Anne Bowen has been preparing tirelessly for a year to debut her streetwear collection, Nomad VII, at New York Fashion Week this Wednesday, September 16, at noon, and as stressful as it is putting together an entire show for fashion week, including the hundreds of thousands of dollars it costs, and making sure to invite the right people, Kanye made it exponentially more stressful for the designer when he announced on Saturday, September 12, that he would be presenting his own line on September 16 at noon.

Though the surprise announcement by West might have seemed like a good idea to him, it definitely put Bowen in a tough place. Kanye has made sure that Bowen will have to jump through hoops to get her show put back together.

"I am completely devastated, angered and bewildered! This affects us financially, attendance-wise and in all ways. Our media will go to zero if we don't completely move our showtime and there are no other time slots that day. So this severely adversely affects us."

Fox News reports that Bowen said West was "sucking the oxygen out of the air" by packing his show full of celebrities and people with power in the fashion industry. By doing this, West is practically stealing Bowen's media coverage.

"It's not just our spotlight. I am stunned and sick about this. We have planned for a year to launch this collection and worked tirelessly and worked with the CFDA [Council of Fashion Designers] to be respectful of other designers in our showtime selection."

For Bowen's sake, hopefully she can work things out with the 2020 presidential candidate, Kanye West.

[Photo Courtesy of Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]