Lady Gaga Is Amping Up The Hype For ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ With New Trailer

Lady Gaga has come a long way as an artist, and is continuing to revamp her career with her latest role as The Countess in American Horror Story: Hotel. Lady Gaga’s style has certainly changed since her “Poker Face” days, and the artist has continued to amaze fans with her ability to keep expanding her range of talent. Not only did Lady Gaga wow audiences with her performance of The Sound of Music at the Oscars, but her Cheek to Cheek tour with Tony Bennett allowed Lady Gaga to reach out to newer and less conventional audiences that might not generally listen to her common musical style.

For those who are not familiar with the American Horror Story series, it is an anthology series that has been formatted to cater to a wide variety of horror fans. Some of the locations and characters have included: a haunted murder house, a witch’s coven, an asylum, a freak show, and, of course, the newest location, a hotel. Viewers are often kept on their toes as they await the theme of the next season. After announcing in 2013 that Freak Show would be her last season, fans were nervous about losing Jessica Lange, who played the roles of Elsa Mars, Fiona Goode, and Sister Jude Martin in past seasons. They were quickly re-encouraged, however, after finding out that Lady Gaga had been cast as the Countess Elizabeth, who runs the Hotel Cortez. Fans of Jessica Lange shouldn’t be too nervous, since it is rumoured that she may make another appearance soon enough in the American Horror Story franchise.

Lady Gaga’s character has been described by the International Business Times as the following.

“… a wealthy socialite who drinks blood in order to maintain her youthful figure.”

Lady Gaga will act alongside Kathy Bates, playing the hotel manager, and Matt Bomer, playing Bates’s son, Donovan, who has a romantic relationship with Lady Gaga’s character. In fact, the relationship in question has many people talking due to its explicit nature. Apparently, Lady Gaga actually pressed creator Ryan Murphy to push even farther with the sex scenes. According to the Inquisitr, Ryan stated the following about Lady Gaga.

“You write a foursome for her and you expect a lot of questions. She never did that.”

AHS: Hotel is Lady Gaga’s first recurring role, following a couple of cameos she has done in the past, explains Brittany Spanos of Rolling Stone. Gaga is excited for this exciting opportunity, and it definitely seems like we can expect a lot of passion from the singer in regards to this role. The new season will premiere October 7 on FX.

[Video by FX Networks]