‘Ladies Of London’ Julie Montagu’s Husband Says Antidepressants Ruined His Life

Ladies of London has returned on Bravo for a second season, but it seems there is so much we don’t yet know here in the states about the individual ladies. American born Julie Montagu was a “friend of the ladies” last season, but not she is a full time cast member.

She is married to Luke Montagu, who according to the Inquisitr, will one day inherit the title of Lord Sandwich, making Julie Lady Sandwich. But Luke Montagu is not your everyday lord of the manor. He has worked tirelessly to stop the over prescription and use of psychiatric drugs based on his own horrific experiences.


Beyond Meds published the story of Montagu’s fight to get through the prescription drug dependency and come out the other end. In college, Montagu had sinus surgery that left him with headaches and feeling “not himself,” so a doctor decided he had a chemical imbalance and put him on Prozac. His mix of drugs changed along the way, altering which antidepressant he would take, plus something in the benzo family for anxiety. The times Montagu tried to quit, he would feel worse, returning to the drugs.

“I thought it was because I needed the medication; now I understand that it was because I was going into withdrawal each time I tried to come off the drugs. But the doctors never spotted that,” he says.


Through the years, Montagu fought a combination of bad drug side effects, along with terrible withdrawal symptoms, according to Mad In America.

“Luke Montagu is well on the way to transforming his painful experiences of bitter pills into a project that may greatly enhance the quality of life and health of future generations – and save the lives of millions. His Council for Evidence-based Psychiatry will soon be hosting what should be a consciousness-altering international conference on the epidemic of psychiatric drug use, entitled “More Harm than Good.”

Through his own struggle, Montagu is now helping others and letting them know they are not alone.


Would you like to see Luke Montagu on Ladies of London along with Julie? Will you be watching tomorrow night?

[Photo courtesy of Bravotv]