Eating A Bunch Of Fish May Help Fight Depression

People who eat a lot of fish may doing themselves a favor, because consuming a lot of fish may help protect against depression. According to BBC, this is what research is suggesting.

Chinese researchers wrote in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, saying that there have been many studies that they have taken a look at, and these studies involve the consumption of fish and depression.

Researchers looked at more than 20 studies that involved more than 150,000 people. The analysis of these studies indicated that there was a 17 percent reduction of depression among people who were consuming the most fish.

Fatty acids, which are found in fish, may be important in regards to brain activity, and this is one of the reasons why researchers said that fish may help protect against depression.

According to the Express Tribune, researchers also looked at gender. What they found was that high fish consumption and a lowered risk of depression was higher in men than among the women in the studies.

As for whether or not there is an association with various types of fish and fighting depression, researchers aren’t really sure, because further research is needed.

However, no conclusions about cause and effect were pointed out in the study, but researchers did say that there are some interesting theories about why fish may be good for people’s mental health.

One theory is that those who eat a lot of fish may eat healthier in general. By eating a lot of fish and following a healthy diet, they may be helping their mental health.

Mind, which is a mental health charity, said that this recent study supports other studies and work that show there are links between diet and mood. Rachel Boyd, Mind’s information manager, said that the charity recently published a guide. Some of the advice in the guide included eating good fats, which are in fish. Boyd said that the results shouldn’t be oversimplified, because there are a lot of factors in regards to the development of depression.

Boyd said that they did agree that fatty acids can be helpful when they are included as part of a diet. She also pointed out that some may not want to consume fish, but there are other sources that contain fatty acids. Asides from fish, fatty acids can be found in nuts and seeds, and there are a number of supplements that contain fatty acids.

[Image by Brownpau / Flickr / CC BY 2.0]