Fifth Harmony Cancels Washington State Fair Concert Due To Illness

In an unfortunate turn of events for Fifth Harmony fans, the popular girl group will not be performing this upcoming Wednesday, Sept. 16 in Washington state. According to, the band had to cancel their appearance at the Washington State Fair since two of their members were diagnosed with bronchitis and advised to rest their voices. The girls were also down a member earlier this month, when they performed at the New York State fair sans Dinah Hansen, who was suffering from bronchitis at the time. Many of Fifth Harmony’s Twitter fans wished them a quick recovery, but some are also expressing their frustration, as they won’t get to see the ladies perform this Wednesday.

Rumors on Twitter also speculate it may be all five members of Fifth Harmony who have bronchitis. Injuries to the vocal cords are common among musicians who perform regularly. Sam Smith is currently in recovery after having vocal cord surgery. Adele was forced to cancel a tour in 2011 due to hemorrhaging on her vocal cords, as well. Additionally, as the Inquisitr reported, Meghan Trainor underwent throat surgery earlier this month due to a hemorrhage on her vocal cords. Twitter fans also pointed out that the girls are due to release their new album soon. Fifth Harmony’s scheduled appearance at the Washington State Fair is part of a concert series sponsored by Columbia Bank. Fifth Harmony is also supposed to tour Europe in October if they recover in time.

The Washington State Fair’s official website mentions that ticket holders who were expecting Fifth Harmony can exchange their ticket for a complete refund, or exchange the ticket for one of three other shows (Iggy Azalea ft. Tinashe and Elijah Blake, Jason Derulo, or Pitbull). A free concert by Bea Miller will replace the scheduled Fifth Harmony appearance, and ticket holders will still get to use the part of their ticket that gets them into the fair on September 16.

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Despite this (somewhat) good news, many fans are still disappointed, with some fans on Twitter accusing Fifth Harmony of feigning their illnesses; Some even gave the ladies of Fifth Harmony a tough time for not showing up to the State Fair by comparing them to other artists like Mariah Carey, who made a Billboard Music Awards appearance despite her own bronchitis issues back in May 2015.

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