Nitro Coffee Is The New Trend, Offering An Extra Jolt Of Caffeine

The emerging trends in the coffee brewing methods have set up a great demand for the new scientific method of nitrogen-influenced iced coffee. The nitro coffee: creamier, frothier, with twice the rush of caffeine, is the new town conversation. Nitro coffee is made quite simply by infusing nitrogen into the cold brew coffee, released from a pressurized valve. Nitro coffee is the new non-alcoholic beer look alike, offering twice the caffeine rush.

Coffee enthusiasts have really adopted this new coffee trend, which requires no milk, sugar, or a creamer. The nitrogen infusion works like a charm in enhancing the true coffee brew. The more eye-appealing factor is the diffusion between the coffee and the nitrogen bubbles. The cascading effect of the brown liquid mingling with the white foam on top brings out an enticing look enough for the consumer to devour the nitro like any regular cup of coffee.

Nate Armbrust, a food scientist at Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland, Oregon, envisioned such a method of brewing coffee such as to give it a beer-like frothiness without cutting out the flavor, and nitro coffee was born, as reported by Tech Insider.

And so came the experimental method of diffusing nitrogen into the brew. Since then, Stumptown Coffee Roasters have supplied cafes, bars, and restaurants with nitrogen keg stands and coffee brew on demand. As reported by Esquire, Diane Aylsworth, Stumptown’s director of cold brew operations, called the year 2015 the one representing the revolution in the nitrogen-infused cold brewing business.

Reports show that the majority of the American population cannot go a day without a caffeine shot, so much so that more than $40 billion dollars in a year are spent on coffee alone. Nitro coffee is fairly expensive with regular coffee costing a mere three dollars, whereas the nitro is almost twice this amount. Nitro coffee costs around $5 for 12 ounces, and it’s still flying off the shelves.

Customers and coffee lovers are still demanding the nitro coffee over the bland coffee. A popular choice amongst the college students and the working community, nitro coffee offers the market a harmless powerful rush of caffeine, with a divine taste and a cold sensation, ideal for the summertime rut. Nitro coffee surely looks promising as it booms rapidly in the market, being just two years into production. Giving the general public a big buzz, nitro coffee is a rather fun way of drinking coffee, and many now choose nitro coffee over the regular cup of Joe, as reported by CBS.

[Photo by Bob Berg / Getty Images]