WWE News: Backstage Update Claiming WWE Legend Jeff Hardy More Than Likely Coming Back To WWE In 2016

WWE Legend Jeff Hardy was one-half of the legendary pro-wrestling tag team, The Hardy Boyz. Along with his brother, Matt Hardy, the duo stood out in WWE for over a decade both together and individually. Both men had great ability in the ring and could excite the WWE fans every time they came out to the ring. It is a unique trait only few wrestlers ever possess, which is excellent to see.

TNA Wrestling is by no means in good shape right now. Rumor has it they are potentially losing their television deal or may end up settling with the network for far less money than needed for quality production. It’s possible that, due to their financial situation, TNA is letting contracts expire and paying their stars on a per date basis. Once wrestlers allow their contracts to expire, they are free to go somewhere else. Austin Aries, for example, left when his deal was up and headed to Ring of Honor. Some jumped ship to Global Force Wrestling, which was part of an angle for some and for others a real deal situation.

Jeff Hardy’s TNA contract expires sometime in February of 2016. It is uncertain if he has a no compete clause attached to his deal upon expiration or not; however, it would make sense if he did not, as many assumed Jeff Hardy would never leave the cushy TNA job. That might all change as WWE is rumored to be interested in bringing back both Matt and Jeff Hardy. It is uncertain how much they would pay for the duo to come back, or if they would be making full-time or part-time appearances.

The Wrestling Observer recently noted that there has been a lot of backstage chatter about Jeff Hardy coming back.

The rumor of his return came about when WWE put out a poll on WWE.com asking fans which superstars they want to see return to the ring. Both Matt and Jeff Hardy were listed, along with the likes of Kurt Angle and Batista. Both Hardy brothers were spoken about and even featured on the Stone Cold Podcast with guests Edge and Christian. Jeff was also featured in a major way during the tag team TLC spots he made his career on.

Prior to recent events, mentioning the Hardy Boyz was not encouraged by WWE. Even WWE.com pretty much outlawed mentioning the brothers, even Kurt Angle wasn’t mentioned until recently. Some sources claimed the recent name dropping further indicates Jeff Hardy is more than likely going to be with WWE in 2016.

It should be noted that when WWE has name dropped certain legends in the past, they do end up coming back to WWE in some capacity. Due to the fact that WWE is aware that TNA is having to cut costs and letting contracts expire, they are said to be interested in picking up some of their talent. They already did so with people like Samoa Joe earlier this year. More are said to be coming, but exactly who will transition over to WWE is still uncertain.

The only people almost confirmed to jump are the Hardy Boyz, who have said in interviews that they would certainly consider going back to WWE if the offer was there and worth taking. WWE could easily offer both Matt and Jeff Hardy a light schedule or something similar to RVD’s arrangement, which would be a contract for a few months and then a bit of time off before coming back when they’re ready. It is also thought that the Hardy Boyz could sign WWE Legends deals. Most believe that WWE would want Jeff Hardy, at least, to return full-time.

As far as when Jeff or Matt Hardy could return to WWE, Matt could jump at any point, as he is on a per-date deal with TNA. Jeff Hardy might be coming in on the WWE RAW after WrestleMania 32 at the earliest, unless his TNA deal limits him from doing so with a no compete. Without a no compete, he could be in for the build up to WrestleMania. WWE could benefit from having the Hardy Boyz there, as it would only drive ticket sales to sell out the AT&T Stadium, a goal WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has had since the location was announced.

[Photo courtesy of WWE]