Ariana Grande Reveals Her Biggest Fear: ‘It Is So Easy For Something To Go Wrong’

Ariana Grande has a lot to be fearful of following the debacle that was #Donutgate. But, losing her massive following and rising stardom doesn’t actually top the list.

No, Grande revealed to WWD that one of her greatest fears is actually tied directly to her ability to rebound from the public embarrassment she suffered. It’s something she experienced first hand when she had to cancel a recent concert in Sacramento this past week, as reported by Inquistr.

“One of my big fears is something happening to my voice, because vocal chords are fragile little things, and it is so easy for something to go wrong when you’re singing as much as I do every night,” she said. “The good news is I went to the doctor yesterday to have my [vocal] chords looked at. So he scopes me — and it turns out they were even in better shape than they were before the show, which means that I’m singing properly.”

Improper singing can lead to vocal chord afflictions similar to those recently suffered by Grammy-winning artist Sam Smith. As reported by ABC News, Smith underwent successful “suspension microlaryngoscopy surgery” to treat a hemorrhage on his vocal cords. Similar surgeries were also performed on Grammy winning singer Adele.

And that is something Ariana would like to avoid. The only way for Grande to recover from the donut-licking scandal she involved herself in earlier this summer will be through her music. If the 21-year-old pop star is unable to perform, it’s highly unlikely she’ll be able to erase the bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Ariana is also banking that her image can be salvaged with a successful follow-up to her sophomore record My Everything.

“We’re starting the creative process for the next album, and we’re going to be shooting a whole bunch of stuff. But it’s the best music I’ve ever made. I feel like I’m always attached to every album as I’m making it, so I’m probably going to say that about every album, but this one feels really special.”

Ariana Grande infamously made news after her and backup singer/boyfriend Rickey Alvarez were caught licking display donuts at a local Los Angeles bakery and uttering anti-American verbiage. Complicating matters further was Ariana’s initial apology that failed to express true regret for her actions.

What do you think? Will Ariana Grande ever recover from the donut-licking scandal? Is she right to be afraid for her career?

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]