‘Harry Potter’ Lives On By Way Of J.K. Rowling’s Twitter Account

Harry Potter fans have been glued to J.K. Rowling’s Twitter account this summer, as she has casually updated fans on what has been going on at Hogwarts and beyond. According to Entertainment Weekly, the author of the popular books has posted a few things about Harry Potter, giving her beloved characters life once more. While Rowling won’t be writing any more books in the series, she hasn’t let her fans down in any way. If anything, she has succeeded their expectations in the Potter afterlife.

Perhaps the biggest piece of Potter news this summer was that James Sirius Potter (Harry and Ginny Weasley’s first born son) was sorted into a house on his first day at Hogwarts.

Harry Potter fans were so excited to hear this “news,” as it made many truly feel as though the stories they have read continue to live on. Although the stories have ended, these characters are real to so many people, and it seems as though J.K. Rowling feels the exact same way.

Check out some of the other things that Rowling has told the Twitterverse in recent weeks below.

Perhaps the most surprising for many fans, was that Lord Voldemort’s name is actually pronounced Voldemore, without the “T” on the end. According to Huffington Post, this was really confusing to fans, because Rowling herself has pronounced the “T,” and there is plenty of evidence to prove that this wasn’t something she’s been adamant about. For instance, the “T” in Voldemort is pronounced in all of the Harry Potter films, and Rowling was involved in each one.

“When asked whether the author had a reason for pronouncing the T, Rowling’s camp said no, ‘apart from engaging with fans,’ and declined further comment,” reports Huffington Post. Perhaps this is the way Rowling anticipated for the name to be pronounced, but realized that people had been pronouncing the incorrect way, so she just went with it for all these years. Until now, that is. Thoughts?

[Photo by Ian Gavan / Getty Images Entertainment]