Liam Payne’s Beautiful Voice Dominates Niall Horan Birthday Tribute

Liam Payne gave One Direction fans unheard vocal virtuosity when he took over a happy birthday chorus to Niall Horan. Liam Payne took fans’ hearts into the stratosphere as he sang his heart out to his bandmate at their most recent show.

He left little question as to how a Liam Payne solo career would sound. Fans should expect good things from Liam once One Direction’s large hiatus starts. The guys will get a small break between now and the restart of the tour on September 24, in London, before the bigger break. All of Liam and One Direction’s United States shows have now ended, unfortunately.

As the Mirror reported, Liam sang up and down his huge vocal range. Liam Payne often sings extremely low, extremely high, and in between. Liam provides the variety and edge that makes One Direction hits. Liam doesn’t have the sonic stylings of Zayn Malik or Harry Styles, but he offers the perfect complimentary voice and accompanying presence.

Liam’s recent 12-page interview for Attitude magazine has brought divided opinions on his personal views. But the interview is a sign of brewing interest in his life and career apart from his bandmates. Liam is looking forward to more behind the scenes work, even supporting the other members of One Direction in their solo projects.

Liam’s interview with Attitude has yet to officially come out, but Entertainment Weekly provided portions of it.

“A lot of people say to me, ‘Oh, you’ll go solo,’ but I haven’t thought about that. If the right song comes along and I think I should sing it, then I will release it as a solo artist. Otherwise, I’m happy being behind the scenes. When the others boys [in the group] go solo, I would love to write songs for them. I want to make great music that people want to listen to.”

Payne has already done a bit of solo work on the production side. He’s remixed One Direction’s “You & I,” and “Steal My Girl.” He’s both remixed and helped write a song for English recording artist Cheryl. Besides One Direction, Payne is likely to continue production work with artists across the music industry.

But One Direction fans are eagerly awaiting One Direction’s fifth album, along with solo work from Zayn Malik and possibly others. Liam Payne will continue to refine his voice and production capabilities, and continue to surprise fans on the remaining European shows for the On The Road Again Tour 2015, which will go until the end of October.

[Photo by Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images]