Olsen Twins Still Boycott ‘Fuller House’ Due To John Stamos’ Insults

Fuller House is up and running, reconstituting the show Full House with a big exception: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen refusing to participate. It seems the Olsen twins are still holding a grudge for something that happened two decades ago, and John Stamos is to blame.

The Inquisitr reported that all is going well with the new Netflix series, which airs next year, and Full House‘s favorite couple, Becky and Jesse (John Stamos and Lori Loughlin), are finally back together on the project with their grown-up twins. Though it was then thought that the twins might participate in a guest capacity, that seems unlikely now.


According to Classicalite, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are still quite angry about John Stamos trying to have them booted from the series when they were infants, and a bit fussy on the set. This even was recently brought to the small screen in the Full House unauthorized biography on Lifetime Network.

“When they were older and learned that, they never forgave John. The show became just a job to them — and they’re the only ones out of that entire cast who don’t talk regularly!”


Life and Style Magazine is reporting that Stamos is worried about the future of the show if he can’t make nice with the Olsens.

“John is starting to worry right now about the future of the show because production is not going as well as everyone had hoped it would,” an insider told Radar Online. “It is just starting to feel hokey.”

“John and the rest of the cast are going to do what they were so against doing and approach the Olsen twins again with another offer.”


But things might not be as cheery between the Olsens and the rest of the cast from Full House.

“Although a few of the cast members can’t really stand them, right now everyone is more concerned with the show than their own personal feelings about Mary Kate and Ashley,” the insider reveals.

Do you think Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen will give in and appear on Fuller House?

[Photo courtesy of Mike Coppola / Getty Images]