‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 5 Spoilers Tease Camelot, Dark Swan, And More

Once Upon A Time Season 5 is a few weeks away, and fans are being teased more about the upcoming season and the rise of the Dark Swan. Adam Horowitz shares photos from the production on his Twitter account often, and he teased fans with a glimpse at the Camelot set on his Twitter recently.

Regina and the others will take a trip to Camelot during Season 5 in order to find Merlin. He is the one that can stop Emma from turning into the Dark Swan completely.

Spoiler TV shared the latest details from ABC. Emma disappeared at the end of Once Upon A Time Season 4, but the press release for the premiere reveals that she landed in the Enchanted Forest.

Previous photos from the set showed Emma all in white, and that has fans wondering how long Emma will go dark. Jennifer Morrison shared a photo of herself in Emma’s white costume on her Twitter earlier this week.

TV Line did reveal more about Emma’s connection to Camelot during their Fall 2015 preview.

“‘Emma is going to do something particularly bad,’ co-creator Eddy Kitsis assures, ‘and to the people she loves.’ All the more reason for those near and dear to get thee to Camelot and find Merlin, posthaste! Though it’s not as if that realm’s denizens are just sitting around, waiting to help out. ‘You’ll see a bromance between Charming and King Arthur, but others might be more skeptical [of our heroes],’ Kitsis says. The people of Camelot, after all, ‘have a similar goal to ours.'”

It is not known what Emma will do as the Dark Swan yet. Hook will remain by her side, but he might not be able to control her new dark impulses. Rumple will help mentor the new dark one too, and that might not be a good time.

As for the fairy tale characters making their presence known during Once Upon A Time Season 5, fans will learn more about Belle’s life before Rumple, and fans will see the return of Ruby at some point during the season.

Meghan Ory left the series for another role, but that show did not last. Ruby is just one of many characters fans have wanted to see more of on the series. With such a large cast of characters, it is hard to give everyone airtime week after week. The core group receives the most attention.

The core group will have to fight the darkness to save Emma. Once Upon A Time will premiere on September 27.

[Photo: ABC]