Travis Scott Gets 100,000 Google Searches: Travis Caught Kissing Rihanna, And The Crowd Goes Wild [Video]

Travis Scott is a name that is pretty popular on Sunday, September 13. Google reports that Travis has received more than 100,000 searches after Scott was caught on camera kissing Rihanna. And Travis was doing more than kissing Rihanna, but Scott can be seen enjoying Rihanna bent over in front of Travis as Scott grinds on the singer in the video below, from TMZ.

As that video of Travis and Rihanna went viral, folks wanted to know more about Travis. Who exactly is Scott, and how did this Travis guy win the heart — or the body — of Rihanna? The 23-year-old Scott isn’t really named Scott or Travis at all. Jacques Webster is the real name of Scott, who hails from areas nearby Houston, Texas.

Travis is a rapper, producer, and all-around Renaissance man. Travis’ Instagram account shows the “flame” rapper looking down quite a bit, with Scott’s braids often hanging in the face of the man who enjoys more than 700,000 followers on Instagram. When Travis was only 16, Scott began creating beats that would eventually launch him into a successful career that began on MySpace and landed Travis, eventually, at a New York Fashion Week afterparty, kissing and grinding on Rihanna.

According to Amazon, Scott’s “Rodeo” enjoys the 66th position in paid albums. Travis is the latest guy to gain attention for getting close to Rihanna. Scott now can be listed in the Rihanna hall of fame of love interests, a list that famously included Chris Brown, after he violently attacked the singing star. Travis’ Rihanna rendezvous comes after Lewis Hamilton dated Rihanna, as reported by TMZ. Prior to Scott being caught on camera with Rihanna, Matt Kemp was caught on camera squeezing Rihanna’s backside, as reported by Just Jared.

Travis and Rihanna’s affection is undeniable, and Scott isn’t being denied by Rihanna, such as when Rihanna shot back at Matt Barnes’ claims that he knew Rihanna in a way that hinted toward an affectionate relationship. No, Travis didn’t have to brag. Instead, Scott let the released video speak for itself, as the duo partied and sang along to Rihanna’s “B**** Better Have My Money” song, as seen in the footage.

The above image shows the Rihanna Party At The New York EDITION and displays Travis and Timbaland. Scott was there on September 10. In plenty of photos, Travis can be seen not wearing a shirt, just like the doll image of Scott that’s often shown.

[Image by Michael Loccisano / Getty Images Entertainment]