Fallon, Trump Video Goes Viral: Jimmy Fallon Impersonates Donald Trump, Who Trumps With Clinton And Kanye Dish [Video]

A Jimmy Fallon appearance has revealed more about Donald Trump in a video that went viral. And while Fallon did not fail in his goal of getting high ratings, it was Trump who seemed to triumph in the feedback from the video, reported the Washington Post.

Topics ranged from Hillary Clinton to Kanye West, and Fallon listened closely as Trump contended that he had no desire to brag about his entrepreneurial success. But perhaps it was his comments about Clinton that surprised many the most, as Donald expressed his pity for her e-mail server brouhaha.

“I feel terribly about it. Honestly, it’s tough stuff,” Trump commiserated with the other presidential contender.

During a speed round, Fallon discussed with Trump the issue of Kanye West’s desire to become a candidate in the future. When it comes to videos that go viral, Donald made it evident that he’s aware of Kanye’s ability to shine in his admission that if he comes up against West in a campaign, he may reverse his now-positive comments.

“Kanye [West] is actually –- and I know him a little bit -– he’s actually a much better person than some people would think. Now if he runs for office and I happen to be running against him, I’m going to take that back.”

As for Jimmy, Fallon made the most of Trump’s September 11 Tonight Show appearance, which was a milestone because it was Donald’s debut on late-night TV as a White House candidate, reported Billboard.

For Trump, it was a publicity goldmine. From a mirror sketch, to Jimmy’s inclusion of Donald in his monologue, there was a reason why Fallon commented that the episode needed a new title, such as The Tonight Show Starring Donald Trump with Special Appearance by Jimmy Fallon.

But Jimmy didn’t avoid poking fun at Donald. When Trump waxed eloquent on VA reform, the Iran deal, and his skyrocketing success as a presidential candidate, Fallon had just one query.

“What question did I ask?” mocked Jimmy.

In addition, Fallon dished with Trump about the debate on CNN that he’s anticipating will be intriguing. While Donald took the opportunity to propose that CNN give the money that it makes on that broadcast to U.S. veterans, Jimmy expressed his amazement that Trump does not appear to utilize any back-up written material for such occasions.

“Do you just make up stuff?” demanded Fallon.

“I’m blessed with a great memory,” retorted Trump.

“If you’re reading or if you have teleprompters … or even looking down all the time at notes, you’re not going to get the reaction from the crowd … When you get it right, it’s a thing of beauty.”

Jimmy also got praise for impersonating Trump, reported the Huffington Post.

Among Fallon’s other discoveries, Donald’s juxtaposition of Gary Busey with Supreme Court justice opportunities ranked as a jump-start for discussions of what the future could hold if Trump triumphs.

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]