‘General Hospital’ Rumors: Brenda And Jax May Return To Port Charles, What Are They Up To Now?

Could there be a Jax and Brenda return soon on General Hospital? It may happen, and fans all seem to have mixed feelings about this rumor. As Celebrity Dirty Laundry has just recently pointed out, the cover of Soaps in Depth had a photo of both GH vets, saying that they could be potential wedding crashers.

Of course, the wedding would be that of Sonny and Carly, who are trying to get married for the fifth time. However, the Carson wedding was halted when the mobster groom was shot and is now in critical condition at the hospital, just barely hanging onto life. He is expected to recover eventually, and that may be when Jax and Brenda make their appearance.

This is only a rumor for now, but CDL said that there is a suggestion in the soap magazine that their return all has to do with ELQ. Yes, the fight for the Quartermaine company, which is now in the hands of Nikolas Cassadine, may again be in the forefront after Sonny recovers and he decides to help Anna Devane gain control of ELQ. The word is that Tracy enlists Jasper Jacks to help her win back the family business, and of course, Brenda tags along, as well, to make sure that Sonny is okay.

What will this mean for Sonny and Carly to have their former flames back in town? They are intent on getting married, but with the rumored return of Jax and Brenda, there are always those feelings and emotions that are brought back whenever those two are around.

The rich history of these General Hospital power couples have such a past. While some viewers are super fans of Sonny and Brenda, others are haters of Brenda Barrett and want Sonny and Carly to live happily ever after. Whether you love her or hate her character, actress Vanessa Marcil plays the role of Brenda quite well, and teaming up with actor Ingo Rademacher is always a delight to watch.

The whole ELQ takeover might be a stretch in getting those two back on screen. Nothing is set in stone just yet until General Hospital, or one of the soap actors, makes an official announcement that they are, indeed, coming back to Port Charles.

This return could definitely mean trouble for Sonny and Carly, as they prepare to try once again to get through their wedding vows. Jax and Brenda could crash their wedding and cause trouble for them. Even though Sonny is all set to spend the rest of his life with Carly, having Brenda Barrett back always seems to stir up those old feelings.

For now, Sonny is fighting for his life, with his family and friends surrounding him with love. Carly, along sons Michael and Morgan, are at the hospital waiting for word on whether he will pull through or not. According to Reality Today, Michael may be taking over as mob boss, while his brother, Morgan, could be going after Julian Jerome, who he believes is the shooter. Stay tuned for much more drama on General Hospital.

What are your thoughts on possibly having Jax and Brenda back in Port Charles?

[Photo courtesy of Alberto E Rodriguez / Getty Images]