Michigan Woman Arrested After Keeping Disabled Brother Prisoner For 7 Years In Bug-Infested Bed, Drenched In His Own Urine And Feces

A Michigan woman and her husband are charged with “vulnerable adult abuse and unlawful imprisonment” after police discovered a 62-year-old disabled man – whose name has not been released – hidden away in a room, where he lay on a bed soaked in urine and feces, according to the Mirror.

Michigan police officials were sent to a home in Mt. Morris Township after friends and family made several complaints about the victim’s whereabouts, claiming they hadn’t seen him in years. When police arrived at the home belonging to Patsy Marshall and her husband, Andrew Green, they uncovered the disabled man – who is Marshall’s brother – in a backroom, laying on a bed drenched in his own urine and feces.

Officers at the scene said the odor was so bad that they couldn’t be in the room for more than a few minutes at a time. It is believed that the retiree somehow injured his leg so severely that he was unable to walk, leaving him no other choice but to rely on his sister, according to the News 22. However, his sister hid him away in a room for seven years without helping him to the restroom and only feeding him one meal a day.

The victim’s only connection to the outside world was the small television that sat across from him. Two children were also living in the home, but it is unclear if they were aware that the man was hidden in the bedroom. When he was found by the Michigan police, he repeatedly expressed his gratitude, saying, “thank you, you saved my life.”

“I’ve never seen anyone living in this type of condition. This place is not fit for an animal,” Michigan Chief Terrance Green said in a statement. “The victim was covered with cockroaches and feces in a urine-soaked bed with a bewildered look on his face like ‘help me.’ The officer that found him described the smell as being unbearable.”


Marshall and her husband were arrested after the abused victim was discovered, and when they were questioned about the horrifying incident, they both blamed the victim for being a prisoner in the home and sleeping in his own urine and feces.

The married couple was charged with “vulnerable adult abuse and unlawful imprisonment,” but more charges may be added if Michigan police find that they had stolen thousands of dollars from the man throughout the years.

The man is currently being treated at a local hospital and soon after he will be transported to an adult facility.

[Image courtesy of News 22]