Play Fight Turns Tragic When Queens Teen, Wilta Wordsworth, 15, Is Fatally Shot By Friend

Wilta Wordsworth, 15, of Queens, New York, is dead after being shot in the head by her male friend – also 15 – during a play fight, according to NY Daily News. Trying to avoid a fight, Wordsworth skipped school on Friday and invited two boys over to her apartment home around noon. Upon their arrival, she and one of the boys – whose names have not been released — started to play fight. Moments later he pulled out a gun and it accidently went off, shooting Wordsworth in the face where the bullet “lodged into the back of her neck.”

Nia Skrine, 15, who had spent the night at Wordsworth’s home prior, immediately ran to Wordsworth’s aide and realized she wasn’t moving; therefore, she quickly ran outside and knocked on neighbor German Tejata’s door to use the phone to alert police. The two young boys, who Wordsworth invited to the apartment, fled the scene but one of the boys was captured on surveillance camera whispering something to Skrine before running off.

When local police arrived at the scene, they discovered Wordsworth in her bedroom with half of her body on the bed and the rest hanging off. She was immediately transported to St. John’s Hospital where she died the following morning. Sources say the teen lived with her 39-year-old mother, Miata Teague, who was at work during the incident, and her 7-year-old brother, Maxwell, who had recently moved to the building during the summer.

“She was very good, I don’t know what went wrong,” Teague said as she sobbed uncontrollably. “I am angry because people are walking around with guns. All kinds of people on the street have guns.”

According to the NY Post, Teague said that she Immigrated from Liberia to the U.S. in 1999 so that her two children could have a better life than she did. However, Teague’s dream of her daughter living the American dream were shattered when she was fatally shot in the head during a play fight.

“We were all friends and it was an accident,” Skrine said. “I don’t want anything bad to happen to them but they’re gonna have to suffer the consequences.” However she went on to say that “She [Wordsworth] didn’t deserve it. That was my best friend. That was like my sister.”

Surveillance footage from the lobby of the apartment building, where Wilta Wordsworth was shot and killed, helped police officials capture the two young boys, who fled the scene after the shooting. Both teens will be charged as minors, who are facing charges of “manslaughter, criminal possession of a weapon, and tampering with physical evidence.”

[Image courtesy of Pix 11]