‘Star Wars’ Airplanes Revealed On Saturday

Star Wars Airplanes Revealed On Saturday

Unfortunately, These Star Wars airplanes, or “Dreamliners” as they are being called, will still be restricted to the boundaries of Earth, and it is very unlikely that you will see them firing any cool space lasers. That’s fine, because they look rather good.

All Nippon Airways struck a deal with Disney to commission Boeing to paint three of their planes to feature three different customized paint jobs to promote the new Star Wars movie that is coming out in December, according to USA Today. The first plane was revealed Saturday morning, September 12, and featured the unmistakable aesthetic of legendary Star Wars droid R2-D2. Artoo’s likeness adorns the nose and much of the front end of the Boeing 787, ending just past the back of the wings, and at the end of the plane, as all three planes will, it features the Star Wars logo. Another plane, a widebody Boeing 777-300ER will feature the newcomer droid of the Star Wars franchise, BB-8. The third plane, a Boeing 767-300, will have painted on it a mural that will feature both of the droids.

The plane was revealed with quite more fanfare than one would expect most airplanes to get. The aircraft was ceremoniously rolled out of the hangar to the Star Wars theme music to much reverie by an onlooking Star Wars fans that had assembled at the Boeing widebody facility in Everett, Washington. Stormtroopers stood guard at the hangar doors as it rolled out, and the droid that inspired the plane’s adornments met the aircraft on the tarmac to take lots of pictures.

Time says that the Star Wars theming will not simply end there. Inside of the plane, to continue the theme, Star Wars-themed headrest covers will decorate the seats, and Star Wars-themed napkins distributed during beverage service will be some of the interior features of the plane. These planes will be travelling long distances, between Haneda Airport in Tokyo and ending up in Vancouver, Canada. To fill that time, fans of the Star Wars films will enjoy a movie marathon of all six movies in the Star Wars film franchise.


The aircraft will not only be serving international flights, but will also be providing domestic service in Japan. Star Wars fans will be able to fly on the R2-D2 plane when it begins its service in October. The BB-8 plane will begin its service in March, 2016, after Star Wars: The Force Awakens is released.

[Image by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]