Kate Middleton Pregnant? Reports Claim Duchess Kate Expecting Baby No. 3, Though Some Doubt It

Kate Middleton may be pregnant with baby No. 3, as rumors circulating around the royal family seem to indicate.

Duchess Kate and Prince William have their hands full at home with 2-year-old Prince George and his infant sister, Princess Charlotte, but some sources close to the royal family indicate that Kate may have the baby bug already.

These reports have been circulating for the past few weeks, with indications that some family members may be pushing the idea of another baby.

The Hollywood Gossip noted that Kate’s mom, Carole Middleton, is the one exerting the pressure on Kate and William.

“That’s right, Kate’s mom – not any member of Prince William’s royal family – is the one urging the Duchess of Cambridge to keep crankin’ ’em out.

“Her first two pregnancies captivated the world, stimulated the British economy hard and generally made Kate and all things close to her look swell.

There is some major doubt to the idea that Kate Middleton would already be pregnant again.

Bustle noted that there have been plenty of past rumors about Duchess Kate expecting, and most of the time they ended up being wrong.

“Princess Charlotte has been alive for just barely four months, and there are already rumors that her mom is about to make her a big sister. Yep, the word on the street is that Kate Middleton is pregnant with baby number three — and since she was only born in May, Charlotte hasn’t even had the time to take her first steps. While it’s certainly not impossible that Kate could be expecting another baby, it’s highly unlikely. Still, the rumor mill continues to churn, and I’m pretty sure that as long as Kate Middleton is breathing, there will be rumors that she is pregnant. But are they true? In this case, probs not, and there are already plenty of signs that Kate isn’t actually pregnant.”

The report went on to note that Duchess Kate is likely too busy to think about another child, at least not with two still so young. And it also pointed out that most of the pregnancy rumors are coming from less-than-credible sources, ones with a poor track record of reports about the royal family and Kate Middleton in particular.

But given the attention it garners whenever a new royal baby is on the way, it’s likely that the reports about Kate Middleton possibly being pregnant are going to continue.

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