Tesla, TSLA, SolarCity, SCTY: Elon Musk, Colbert Interview Slick Stock Trading Con? [Updated]

Scott Hough

Updated with latest Tweet from Mr. Musk at 12:07 p.m. today.

Early this morning, The Inquisitr reported on a seeming apparent gap between stock owners in Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) and SolarCity Corporation (NASDAQ: SCTY) and the scientific community, a seeming majority of whom have been some of the biggest Elon Musk supporters. For scientists on the left, and on the right, what could be better than sustainable energy companies with shares that never stop going up? It almost sounds too good to be true.

"We are also committed to promoting exploration of the solar system in a way that protects explored environments as they exist in their natural state," is what NASA is reported to have "not dignified" Musk's plan to drop nuclear bombs on Mars with, in a response by Science Alert.

Slate is quoting Casey Handmer, who has an impressive LinkedIn profile that states that he is a "Postdoctoral Scholar at California Institute of Technology," with regard to the seemingly absurd plans.

"Note that this is 10 million times more than the energy produced by the largest nuclear weapon ever built, so simply nuking Mars will not really help that much... It is, however, on par with the impact that wiped out the dinosaurs."

The Inquisitr is currently unable to find published examples of any scientists rushing to Musk's defense on this issue, which might seem significant in itself.

TSLA shares have performed well, considering recent market turbulence. SCTY shares are showing signs of topping and are closer to their 52-weeks lows than their highs.

Stock trading in TSLA for 2015.

SCTY stock trading in 2015

However, by any yardstick, the earnings of each company, what investors are being sold, are shockingly bad. In just the last 60 days, Wall Street consensus 2016 SCTY per share loss estimates have fallen to a seemingly nauseating, for investors anyways, $7.70 from an already seemingly sickening $6.85, or near 13 percent. Yahoo Finance screenshots bear this dialogue out.

TSLA Yahoo stock estimates screenshot.

Earnings for SCTY stock.

So, if there is something fishy with Musk and TSLA and SCTY shares, how big would it be compared to other past cons? As of the close of trading Friday, all outstanding Tesla shares added up, or Tesla's market capitalization was $32.48 billion. The comparable SCTY figure is $4.68 billion. Angel List reports that SpaceX has received just over $100 million in investor funding and that Musk invested $100 million himself, bringing the total to $37.36 billion, valued at least partially based on the trust in Musk's ability as a "rocket scientist." Fortune reports that Enron wiped out $78 billion by comparison.

Watch Musk allow himself to be introduced as a "rocket scientist," and then turn toward how he is able spot lies.

Update: Latest tweet from Elon Musk.