Pikesville: Kiss Leads To Assault Charge For 13-Year-Old -- But Why?

One teen learned that kissing girls on a dare can lead to major consequences. According to CBS Baltimore, teachers at Pikesville Middle School contacted police when a 13-year-old boy attempted to kiss a 14-year-old classmate on Wednesday. On a dare, the male teen grabbed his female classmate's shirt and attempted to "open mouth kiss her with his tongue." It's not exactly clear how successful his bizarre effort was, but multiple sources, including the Daily Mail, have reported the kiss as taking place.

Although no one was injured, at least not physically, forcing the reluctant female student to kiss him counted as an assault. WJLA reports the unidentified Pikesville teen was charged (as a juvenile) with second-degree assault. Any additional disciplinary actions, such as suspension or possible expulsion, will be handled by the Pikeville school system. It's unknown at this time if the kiss will get the hapless eighth grader kicked out of school.

Reaction to the news varies. Some believe that the police and school have overreacted to a mischievous, but ultimately unimportant, matter. The argument is that because no one was seriously injured, it makes little sense for Pikesville authorities or the middle school to punish the teen so severely.

One commenter on Daily Mail admitted that the age of the teens in question, she had been sexually assaulted by a classmate. However, no action was taken. Despite this, she questioned going so far. Another commenter remarked that the dare was probably brought on by a group of boys, and that the attempt was probably terrifying for the victim.

It can be hard for the public to decide whether or not involving the police in these situations is necessary or a gross overreaction, particularly because of the age of the persons concerned. It's worth noting that sexual harassment and inappropriate touching is remarkably common for girls and teens. The problem is that this behavior is treated as normal and "to be expected," regardless of how these young girls feel about their treatment. If stricter rules were put in place to discourage crossing boundaries that made girl students uncomfortable or victims of sexual assault, it might not be necessary to get the police involved.

Though contacting the police seems extreme, it may be the sort of overreaction that keeps girl students like the unnamed victim at Pikesville from being the humiliated targets of a "kiss dare," or any other type of inappropriate behaviors.

But what do you think? Did Pikesville Middle School go too far over a kiss? Should a kiss even be considered assault? Please share your thoughts on this unusual story below!

[Image Credit: Photo by Agung Parameswara / Getty Images]