Black Woman Placed In Psych Ward Because Cops Wouldn’t Believe She Owned A BMW, Worked As A Banker

A black woman, 32-year-old Kamilah Brock, claims she was arrested and placed in a psych ward by police officers against her will after they refused to believe the BMW she was driving was hers. Additionally, Brock claims the cops didn’t believe her when she told them she was a banker and that Barack Obama followed her on Twitter. She says over the course of her stay at the psych ward, which lasted eight days, she was told numerous times to denounce that she was a banker, that the BMW wasn’t hers and that Barack Obama didn’t follower her on Twitter. The problem is that Brock is a banker, she owns a 2003 BMW and Barack Obama does follower her on Twitter.

Now Brock is suing the city for an unspecified amount as she says a white woman would have never been treated in the fashion she was by the NYPD and that her 14th amendment rights were violated when she was drugged, undressed, and placed in a psych ward against her will for eight days.

The Daily Mail reports that 32-year-old Kamilah Brock was driving her 2003 BMW when she was pulled over for a minor traffic violation. However, when the officer approached the vehicle he asked why the driver’s hands were not on the wheel at the traffic light. She explained she was dancing and didn’t know it was against the law as she was fully stopped at the traffic light. Despite her explanation, Brock says the officer told her to exit the vehicle before handcuffing her and taking her to the police station.

Kamilah says she was held for several hours in the station but was never charged with a crime. She was told to report back to the station the next day to pick up her BMW that was taken into police custody. The Huffington Post notes that when she returned the following day to retrieve her vehicle, police refused to believe that the vehicle belonged to her. Instead, she says she was handcuffed again and taken to an ambulance where she was sedated and transported to a psych ward against her will. The police report claims that Brock was acting irrational and that her erratic behavior is the reason for taking her to the psych ward for evaluation; however, Kamilah says she just wanted her vehicle back and that they refused to believe her when she said she owned the vehicle.

Once Kamilah arrived at the psych ward she says she was undressed against her will and told by doctors to admit that the BMW was not hers and that she was not a banker. The woman refused and told them she was a banker and that the BMW was, in fact, hers. She went on to tell them that Barack Obama followed her on Twitter and they explained to her that it was all a lie. Kamilah claims she was held for eight days before finally being released.

She is now suing New York City for violations of her 14th amendment rights and racism. The banker’s lawyer father says that had she been white that none of this would have happened.

Though Kamilah claims racism was involved in the arrest and subsequent psych stay, the police officers claim that she had been “acting irrational, she spoke incoherently and inconsistently, and she ran into the middle of traffic on Eighth Ave’ during the traffic stop with police.” However, medical records do indicate that the medical staff at the psych ward thought Kamilah was bi-polar and that her claims of being a banker, owning a BMW, and having Barack Obama as a Twitter follower were made-up. Unfortunately, the claims were not made up and Kamilah was telling the truth despite her potentially “irrational” behavior during arrest.

What do you think about Kamilah Brock’s account? If she was acting “irrational” during arrest is that grounds for admitting her to a psych ward for eight days against her will?

[Image Credit: Facebook/Instagram via Daily Mail]