Mandy Moore Has The Best Impression Of India

Actress and singer Mandy Moore, who is also a global goodwill ambassador of NGO PSI, was recently in India for a visit. She was there as part of her work as ambassador. Moore must have enjoyed her trip because she said that she would like to visit the country again.

Moore was India to better understand how PSI and its partners are working to improve the health and rights of girls and women in India. PSI and its partners work on providing girls and women in India with various health solutions such as screening for cervical cancer and better access to contraception.

On Twitter, Moore sent out a tweet saying that a toilet can change women and girls’ lives, and that this was a lesson she learned while in India.


According to NDTV, Moore said that her impression of the country has been great. Moore praised the people too, describing them as kind and gracious, as well as loving. The actress didn’t stop there, as she continued to say that the women in India were spirited and confident. Moore said she went to India with an open mind, but she was leaving the country with the best possible impression.

Moore said that the trip was her first to India, but it wasn’t going to be her last. She said she would like to go back to India as a tourist.

The 31-year-old mentioned some of the things she ate while in India. According to Business Standard, Moore said that she enjoyed some kebabs in Lucknow, as well as some incredible desserts.

Apparently Moore loved the food. She mentioned how most places she has been to as an ambassador, usually the food is not really the highlight. However, Moore said India has completely changed that, and the food was one of the highlights of the trip.

On Instagram, Moore shared a few photos of her time in India. One photo showed Moore eating a Bihari delicacy.

Moore, who has starred in films such as The Princess Diaries, has been a PSI ambassador since 2008, and she also pointed out that inherently, women around the world want a better life for their kids and their family.

As a PSI ambassador, Moore takes her role very seriously. She said that she takes that role just as serious as she takes other facets of her career. Moore said she is fortunate that she gets to listen to the needs of the girls and women.

[Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]