Tamra Judge Says It Was Brooks Ayers Who Broke Up With Vicki Gunvalson, Denies Meddling In Their Business

Tamra Judge is excited for people to watch the next episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County that will air on Monday night. On Saturday, Tamra admitted that she watched the episode, which she said people won’t want to miss, twice.

In an Instagram post, Tamra previewed what people can expect to see on the next episode.

“I just watched Monday’s episode again. WOW! You don’t want to miss this one. my mom goes on a date 🙈 Shannon throws an epic party 🎉 Ryan gets deep about marriage 👥 I go off on Brooks 😤 #AriesParty#considerthesource #rhoc.”

It’s the last part of Tamra’s message where she goes off on Brooks Ayers, Vicki Gunvalson’s now ex-boyfriend, that received the most comments from people. Many people wrote that they can’t wait to watch the confrontation. One person, surprised to hear that Vicki and Brooks are no longer together, asked what happened with their relationship. Tamra replied that she’s sure that viewers will hear about it at the reunion.

Reunion host Andy Cohen will likely ask Vicki what happened with Brooks at the upcoming season 10 reunion show. The big question is whether Vicki, who has been very sensitive about talking about Brooks lately, will discuss the breakup. She may do what Ramona Singer did at The Real Housewives of New York City season 6 reunion show, which is refuse to discuss her relationship and shut Andy’s line of questioning down. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Vicki has expressed regret that Brooks and his cancer has become a a central storyline this season.

Vicki Gunvalson may be even more reluctant to discuss the split because, according to Tamra Judge, it was Brooks Ayers who ended the relationship. In response to someone who asked Tamra whether Vicki dumped Brooks because she discovered that he has been lying about everything, Tamra said that it was actually Brooks who broke up with Vicki.

“lolutz: So she must’ve found out he’s been lying about everything?!@tamrajudge

tamrajudge: @lolutz he broke up with her”

Tamra also pointed out to another person, who rhetorically asked Tamra when she doesn’t go off on Brooks, that she hadn’t argued with Brooks for two years prior. Tamra denied that she was meddling in Brooks and Vicki’s business but simply had to correct a lie that he said about her.

“I’m not in their business. He says something that is a total lie about me. I correct it.”

On last week’s episode, Vicki Gunvalson told Tamra Judge that Jim Edmonds told Brooks Ayers that only two out of his four months of marriage to Meghan King Edmonds so far were good. Tamra apparently then told Meghan. A preview for next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County shows Meghan confronting Brooks about what he said. Brooks defends himself by saying “not true”and telling Meghan to “consider the source.” Upon hearing Brooks say that, Tamra, as Vicki looks on, goes off on Brooks.

“Consider the source? What the f**k does that mean? Why don’t you give a straight answer for one time in your f**king life?!?!”

[Photo by Robin Marchant / Getty Images]