Is The iPad Pro Really A Surface Pro 3 And Surface Pro 4 Killer?

The iPad Pro was announced on Wednesday and even though it doesn’t run a desktop operating system like the Surface Pro 3 does (and the Surface Pro 4 will), there are some already saying it will hurt sales of Microsoft’s flaghip device. Vox believes Microsoft could be doomed.

“But Apple’s strategy of scaling up smartphone software has a better chance of success than Microsoft’s traditional strategy of trying to scale down PC software.”

Many could argue with Vox‘s article, especially given that Microsoft’s recent strategy of scaling down PC software with the Surface Pro 3 has been a great success. CNET wrote a similar article, but commenters after the article argued back.

“iPad Pro is like the first Surface RT from years ago… it runs a limited OS, has very small storage space of only 128 GB max, and minimal processor power. Surface Pro 3 (and the upcoming Pro 4) have full OS, larger storage space and MicroSD, very powerful i7 processor, lots of RAM, and ability to install millions of programs like any other Windows PC,” wrote erasure 025.

“The iPad ‘Pro’ is overpriced by about $400. It’s the equivalent of an upgraded Surface RT, and only diehard apple fanboys who don’t care about bang for the buck will pony up retail price for it,” loose_screw responded.

TechRadar isn’t convinced that the iPad Pro is a better device than the Surface Pro.

“Yet, despite all of the slate’s pro features, and the slew of software and accessories that were highlighted during the keynote, the iPad Pro fails to live up to its Pro moniker.”

TechRadar notes that instead, the iPad Pro is just a super-sized version of the iPad Air that Apple keeps trying to push into the enterprise. They believe Apple should have made an OS X-powered tablet that addresses the needs of all types of power users.

There are many Twitter users who are underwhelmed with the iPad Pro announcement.


Even though Microsoft has taken over the market with the laptop/tablet hybrid, it’s quite possible, with Apple’s outstanding marketing, that they can convince users that the iPad Pro is the device power users should buy, even though it’s not really a laptop/tablet hybrid in the first place.

[Photo by Bloomberg for Getty Images]