David Cassidy Snaps At Bankruptcy & Divorce Interview: ‘Partridge Family’ Star Out Of Rehab After DUIs [Video]

David Cassidy, once the beloved boyish bedazzler of teen girls everywhere for his singing voice and role on TV’s The Partridge Family, has been through some rough times in recent years. From arrests for DUIs to a stint in rehab to a highly publicized filing for bankruptcy, 65-year-old David isn’t looking so carefree and boyish anymore. But when a TV interviewer asked Cassidy for details on his financial problems, the former teen idol flipped out, reported MSN.

Chatting with Eamonn Holmes, the co-anchor of This Morning, David responded with noticeable irritation when the conversation turned to the auction of his nearly $2 million mansion in Florida and his bankruptcy filing. Cassidy’s home is in Florida, from where he was shown via satellite.

“It had nothing to do with declaring bankruptcy, that was a totally separate issue. I’m doing it because I’m in the middle of a divorce,” said David in reference to Sue, his wife.

Cassidy also declined to discuss whether the money from auctioning his Florida home would be utilized to pay down his accumulated debts.

“When you declare bankruptcy in this country, it’s something you do in order to reorganize what you have, your assets, so I’m not going to discuss that. I have and I still have fantastic assets,” insisted David.

Cassidy continued to snap back as the interviewer focused on his financial status.

“Are you trying to rubbish me?… Don’t interrupt me… Wait… wait… wait…”

In all, David instructed that the interviewers “wait” nine times prior to communicating what he wanted to say.

Cassidy did not impress one of the co-anchors, who turned to Twitter to express his dismay over David’s behavior.

“Just when I thought my #DavidBlaine i/view could never be topped, along comes another David to steal the Crown – #DavidCassidy #ThisMorning.”

So how did Cassidy, the Teen Heartthrob, who appeared on thousands of teen magazine covers, starred in a TV show, and toured as a singing sensation, get to the point of needing to file for bankruptcy amid divorce?

David’s debt problems include over $39,000 in credit card debt, a personal line of credit of $292,598, over $131,000 in fees for lawyers, as well as other assorted bills, with Cassidy’s total debt up to $10 million, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Married to Sue for 23 years, David and his wife had one son, Beau. The former Partridge Family star also has a daughter, Katie Cassidy, from a different relationship.

Cassidy entered a live-in rehab facility following a no-contest plea. He had been charged on suspicion of DUI in southern California. He spent 90 days in rehab and was sentenced to a 60-month probation period. Prior DUI charges included one in 2010 and one in 2013.

“He’s been out of rehab for a while. In fact, judge in L.A. recently commended him for doing so well,” said Jo-Ann Geffen, David’s publicist.

[Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images]