Lily Cole And Kwame Ferreira Have A Baby Girl!

Lily Cole is a mom! The 27-year-old model recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and on Friday, September 11, she shared the good news through social media.

“Delighted to say we had a little girl,” the new mom tweeted to accompany a photo of Wylde’s tiny hand gripping Lily’s “infamous red hair.”

Lily and her boyfriend, Kwame Ferreira, proudly posted photos of baby “Wylde” on Cole’s personal website and shared the exciting news on Instagram as well. Lily was radiant with joy over her new baby, and didn’t need any makeup to look beautiful. People reported that “a bare-faced and beaming Cole smiled as her tiny newborn rested in her arms.” Lily captioned the photo, “Me and my little girl,”

Me and my little girl ! More here :

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Cole even wrote a welcome poem for little Wylde Cole Ferreira, and shared it on her site too.

“Born on the hottest day. Ordinary Extraordinary Witchcraft. Wilderness. Love beyond doubt. Love, a fact of life. Without fear or choice. Wylde Cole Ferreira. We have a little girl – YAY!”

Lily and Kwame, the CEO of design and engineering collective Kwamecorp, started dating in 2012, having met and gotten to know each other through work. Back in February, when Cole broke the news of the pregnancy, she used the social network that she and Ferreira created together to make the announcement. Impossible is “a global community who help each other out,” according to the website. Lily and Kwame came up with the idea to develop on online social networking site where people record their acts of kindness and earn thanks from other members, all as a way to accomplish the impossible, and build an international gift economy.

When Lily announced her pregnancy in a blog post on Impossible, she said that she was “very happy to share our news.”

“After working together for a long time Kwame and I fell in love, and I am very happy to share our news that we are expecting our first child together.”

Another Impossible blog post congratulated the two “Imps” on the birth of their “lovely little girl called Wylde who has been bringing joy, humour, sounds, love… all summer.”

Cole is a University of Cambridge art history graduate, who Yahoo Celebrity news describes as “proper clever, switched on to ‘issues’, mega-babe supermodel.” Now, Lily Cole is also a mother, and has given fans “even more reason to love her.”

[Image via Ian Gavan / Getty]