George Clooney Slams Donald Trump, Calls Mexican Immigration Comments ‘Idiotic’

George Clooney totally slammed Donald Trump during a recent interview. According to Us Weekly, George Clooney was at the Toronto Film Festival press conference for his film Our Brand Is Crisis on Saturday, when he was asked about Trump’s comments on Mexican immigrants.

And George didn’t hold back.

“Clearly, what he said is idiotic, of course it’s idiotic. Anybody who says as intolerant words as those should be laughed at and that’s pretty much [what] I think eventually history will do. Who’d have thought Donald Trump would be at 30 percent? You know, it ends up working out very well for the film, but that wasn’t, you know, we weren’t that good,” said the actor.

George Clooney was referring to the comments that Donald Trump made about Mexican immigrants back in June. Although he took a lot of heat for what he said, Trump refused to apologize because he says that everything he said was “correct.”

“The U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people,” Trump said.

While Clooney isn’t overly vocal about politics, he is very smart, and he often has a very strong opinion on serious topics, not unlike immigration. Some people, in fact, have always thought that Clooney would run for office some day… and who knows? Maybe some day he will. For now, however, it seems like he’s content answering political questions while sitting on film panels.

In other George Clooney news, the actor is getting set to celebrate his one year wedding anniversary with his wife, Amal. According to Entertainment Tonight, Mr. and Mrs. Clooney won’t be doing something super romantic on September 27, but will have to celebrate a different night instead. Why?

“Unfortunately, I have to speak at Jerry Weintraub’s memorial,” Clooney explained. He then joked, “This is his last producorial way of screwing me over, that on my anniversary, I have to go to his memorial.”

Certainly George will be doing something extra special for Amal at some point, especially because she has been so busy working on a case in Sri Lanka.

“She’s a grown woman with her own career. It’s tough when they’re stabbing her co-counselor [defense lawyer Mahfooz Saeed] in the head a couple days before she gets there. It’s a little nerve wracking. But she’s doing the right thing and she’s doing it for the right reasons,” Clooney said of his wife.

There’s no question that Amal would make a great first lady. Thoughts?

[Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images Entertainment]