Apple IPhone 6s Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Which Will Come Out On Top?

As Apple fans await the release of the latest generation of iPhone ( iPhone 6s Plus), Samsung has already released a seemingly similar phone model. The Galaxy S6 Edge hit shelves in June with the body of an iPhone but the brain of an Android, and now everyone is trying to figure out how they feel about the mixed breed device. With the features of the iPhone 6s Plus having already been revealed there are many differences that are now obvious and makes the competition that much harder to judge.

The two devices in questions are both “phablets,” however, Samsung has been in the phablet market much longer than apple and actually invented the device before there was ever a word for it. The Apple IPhone 6s Plus is the only company’s second phablet, and based on many tech reviews, the main differences that have been discovered are the display, power, camera. and operating systems.

First the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge comes with a 5.1 inch, screen and 1440 by 2560 display. Samsung’s phablet model beats the IPhone 6s Plus size of a 4.7 inch screen and a 1334 by 750 display. The options are either viewing Apple’s 326 pixels at a time or Samsung’s 577 pixels. With the tasks of watching various forms of media in mind, the IPhone 6s Plus is likely to give that annoying experience of widescreen watching, which is never ideal. Beneficially for Apple, the IPhone 6s Plus catches up to the Galaxy S6 Edge when other factor are added to the comparison.

As far as camera phones go, the iPhone is considered on of the best. Mac World, reports that an iPhone was used to shoot stills for an entire feature film. The newer iPhone cameras greatly exceed the abilities of Apple’s previous phone cameras. The iPhone 6s Plus in particular, comes equipped with front facing a rear facing cameras, the rear being 12-megapixels and the front being five. Compared to Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge iPhone has the same front facing camera capabilities, but loses to the Galaxy again because if the S6 Edge’s 16-megapixel rear facing camera. Luckily, power is the middle name of both phablets.

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge is powered with 3 GB of RAM and an octa-core Exynos 7420 processor. In English, this means that the Galaxy S6 Edge is very fast. The IPhone 6s Plus comes with Apple’s A9 processor, a much quicker power source than that of the 64-bit processor found in the earlier model, IPhone 6s. Unfortunately, the 6s Plus only has 2GB of RAM. The only deciding factor left to decide which phablet is the best is the on-going debate of Apple OS verses Android OS.

Deciding on an operating system is solely the decision of the buyer, but to help Apple 6s Plus fence sitter along, here are the main similarities and differences between the two devices. Both the Iphone 6s Plus and the Galaxy S6 Edge has an almost identical design. If you’re looking for an all white or gold, sleek design, either Apple or Samsung would work for you. Though the Samsung has a slightly larger display and half-way better camera, Apple makes up for what it lacks with power and performance. In a nutshell, both phones are quick and you could take an amazing Instagram worthy selfie with either one.

The only choice left to make is weather you prefer the app abundance and emoji diversity of Apple OS or the cheaper app buys and friendly ecosystem of the Android OS. Overall, the IPhone 6s Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are both contenders, but without having held an 6s Plus yet, it is still too soon to tell if Apple will live up to the tech perfection it advertises with the Iphone 6s Plus and if the hype from Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will ever die down.

[Image via Shuttershock/Credit: Zeynep Demir]