State Trooper Has Unexpected Encounter With Teen At A Mississippi Sonic Drive-In

A state trooper found himself part of an unexpected encounter at a Sonic Drive-In in the town of Florence, Mississippi.

Details of the incident were initially shared on the restaurant’s Facebook page before spreading to national news outlets.

The Clarion Ledger reports that an unnamed teenage girl had an odd request of the restaurant when she saw the state trooper car pull up in the parking lot.

She wanted to know if the restaurant would allow her to pay for the trooper’s meal and write him a message of appreciation.

Taking the odd request into consideration, the Florence Sonic Drive-In agreed, and the teen, unbeknownst to the police officer, wrote a special message.

“Have a safe day!” she said, signing it, “Someone who cares.”

The Sonic was so proud of what the teen did that they simply felt the need to snap a picture and share it on social media. Here’s the actual post.

“So I needed to share this story. I was at work, I had to carhop since we are so short handed, I took this girl who I used to go to school with’ order. When I handed her her food, she said ‘can I ask you something?’ I said what is it. She said ‘can I pay for their food?’ She was pointing at the state trooper parked 2 stalls down. I said, well they haven’t ordered yet, so I will let you know when they do. After they ordered I brought the receipt out so I could pull it up outside for her to pay. She paid then asked if it was ok if she wrote something on a receipt, I said sure and handed her it and a pen. Maybe there is hope for this generation after all.. This really warmed my heart to see a teen of all people do something this selfless. ‪#‎mississippipolice‬‪#‎statetroopers‬ ‪#‎gooddeeds‬ ‪#‎kindhearted‬ ‪#‎heartwarming‬ ‪#‎wecare‬‪#‎surprises‬

Considering how small of a town Florence is — only 4,141 people at the time of the last Census — the fact that this post now has 878 shares on Facebook is impressive.

Many of the commenters were proud of the teen for doing what she did.

“[You] know all it takes sometime is one person to do something good, then others see it and then they decide they [want to as well], then others start,” wrote Sherry McClure. “That’s all it takes. I’m proud of this young lady. She is a blessing.”

This act of kindness shown toward the state trooper is reminiscent of another recent story ran on the Inquisitr in which a police woman was approached by a teen boy, who wanted to stand behind her while she pumped gas. When she asked why — the death of Houston officer Darren Goforth, who died in a similar gas-pumping situation still on national news — the teen answered, “To make sure you’re safe.”

Does incidents like this one and the one involving the Mississippi state trooper give you hope for the future? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via Flickr Creative Commons]