Is Cameron Diaz Pregnant With Twins?

Is Cameron Diaz pregnant with twins?

Rumors that Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden were trying to have a baby have hit an all-time high this week, as at least one report is claiming that the actress is indeed pregnant… with twins. Hollywood Life cites an article by Life & Style Magazine in which sources claim that Cameron and Benji are overjoyed to be expecting not one, but two babies.

“When they found out they were expecting twins, Benji and Cam were in shock, but completely overjoyed. Although she’s just a few weeks in, Cameron is hoping her babies turn out to be a boy and a girl. She’s excited to start shopping for the nursery. They’re being very cautious. She’s very healthy and everything looks great so far. They’re hoping for the best,” a source said.

Cameron Diaz actually did not want children, and had been very open about her decision to not become a mother. However, her wants have changed since meeting Benji, and sources have said that two wanted to start a family together. Benji has wanted to be a dad for a very long time, and he is said to be really thrilled about his dreams coming true… twofold.

“He’s so protective of her and the babies that it’s hard for him to focus on anything else. He just can’t wait to be a dad,” the source shared.

It does seem that celebrities who could get pregnant (like Jennifer Aniston), or who have wanted to get pregnant, always seem to find themselves in the tabloids, pregnant with twins. It is indeed possible that this story is just more of the same, and that Cameron isn’t pregnant at all.

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden rumors have been circulating for months, and while it does seem obvious that the two want to have a baby together, the rumors simply can’t be justified until they are confirmed by a reputable source (like the mom/dad to be). Many expect that there will be some happy baby announcement in the coming weeks (or months), but no one is really expecting twins (even though Benji is a twin. His brother, Joel Madden, is married to Nicole Richie). If it happens for them, it happens, and that will be wonderful news for them to share with the world when they are ready to do so.

Do you think Cameron and Benji will make good parents?

[Photo by Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images Entertainment]