Mermaid Mania: Why Mermaids Are Making A Comeback

Mermaids used to be confined to fairy tales, but now these magical entities are used in various decorating techniques. The transformation of this timeless creature from the enchanted waters to the sublime interior of homes, the beautifully designed costumes and the mouth-watering eateries are quite phenomenal. The interpretation of using mermaids to give surroundings an aquatic and mystic look has been circling for some time. Celebrities have taken this trend as an artistic taste of revolution that can enhance their home décor. Setting up contemporary mermaid caricatures, sculptures, and paintings provides a hint of a sensual edge, which makes them even more appealing.

This culture of bringing back the delicate charmers found in the depths of the blue waters has been recently seen among various celebrities who seem to be obsessed with this. As reported in People, the most famous daughter of the Kardashian family, Kim, planned a little mermaid performance session by an entertainer for her daughter North and her niece Penelope while on a vacation in St. Barts. The two youngest divas were dressed up in mermaid costumes that made them look like Ariel from the fairy tale. Kim Kardashian was also spotted at the Toys ‘R’ Us, purchasing mermaid-themed toys from the store for this special meet up.

The Daily Mail reported how Britney spears spent her summer afternoon with her kids dressed up in mermaid swim wear.

Celebrities like Miley Cyrus have also been trying to channel their inner sea goddesses by dressing up as mermaids. Bustle shows a picture of the singer trying to look like a Disney sea princess, which seemed almost adorable. The use of mermaids as an inspiration has become a major fashion statement due to the Hollywood prominence.

Mermaid-themed parties have been the new talk of the town as people have been searching for a lot of prop ideas on Pinterest. Girls love this legendary comeback of mermaids as they represent a symbol of beauty. Artists have been enchanted with these half-human and half-fish representatives – and this is why they have always tried to capture this imagination for the public. Mental Floss did immense research on the creators of mermaid art and came up with a compilation of sculptors and painters that brought their thoughts on the canvas. These floating mermaids have brought back dramatic legends of the past to entertain people in various ways.

[Image by Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images Entertainment]