Alabama Man Jumps Out Of Burning SUV In Mid-Air On Video, Jakob Hernig Calls It The Most Epic Car Jump Video Ever

Jakob Hernig simply describes himself as “a guy from Alabama” on his social media accounts. But his Alabama friend Jed Huie might be a tad bit crazy, since he shot a slow motion video of himself jumping mid-air out of a burning SUV as it flew through the air. While some say this stunt may qualify for an attempted Darwin Award, Hernig calls it the “most epic vehicle jump ever,” and we have to agree.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a different video shows a skateboarder named Zak Maytum skateboarding down Colorado highways at amazing speeds.

When Jakob Hernig uploaded his epic car jump video to YouTube, he did not leave a message explaining the who and the why of the situation, although apparently Jed Huie was the name of the stunt man. But some in the YouTube comments section (otherwise known as the tenth circle of hell) were quick to complain that sending a burning SUV into a lake could pollute the environment.

“You just filled a perfectly good pond/creek/river with a bunch of gasoline and heavy metals, probably partially ruined a small eco-system for a bunch of animals, good job,” wrote one YouTube user.

But another YouTube user named Cory King, who seems to be associated with the making of the epic car jump video, claimed they did clean up their mess.

“We had a cable hooked to the back of it, within five minutes of it being in the water the fire was put out and it was out of the water. There is another full video not released yet that shows the suburban out of the pond and water draining out of the doors,” he wrote.

Over on Reddit and YouTube, the complaints rose even higher, with some complaining that the stunt man held his nose before hitting the water.

“Please take epic out of the title. The little boy in this video felt the need to plug his nose before entering the water,” one said.

Otherwise, those on Reddit seemed to think the title fits.

“God, how well done is this video? Everything went perfectly, camera angle got everything, the audio was amazing, no usual YouTube setup and reaction bulls**t and begging for subscriptions, length perfectly encompasses the content, the fire blew outward so majestically, the bail out was sweet as hell. Just overall a beautiful clip,” wrote one user.

What do you think about this epic car jump video?

[Image via YouTube]