Josh Duggar: Rehab Allegedly A Money-Making Scam For Church

Josh Duggar probably won’t be getting the kind of help that he desperately needs during his stint in a faith-based rehab center. According to a recent report, it’s very similar to the program Josh enrolled in after he confessed to molesting multiple young women, including four of his own sisters. Obviously, that program didn’t accomplish its goal of inspiring Josh to follow the Bible’s teachings — he went on to commit adultery.

Josh Duggar recently confessed to cheating on his wife and enjoying pornography a little too much, and his solution to this problem was to escape his wife and four kids for a few months by enrolling in the Reformers Unanimous rehab program. The program was created by the North Love Baptist Church in Rockford, Illinois, and a source recently told Radar Online that its treatment program is heavily influenced by teachings of Bill Gothard, the former leader of the cult-like Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) organization. This is where the Duggars got most of their ultra-conservative religious views, and Gothard’s teaching has influenced everything from how the Duggar daughters style their hair to how the family handled the Josh Duggar molestation scandal by defending his actions and neglecting to turn him over to the proper authorities.

One source who used to have close ties to North Love Baptist Church told Radar that members of the congregation were “required to attend Bill Gothard’s seminars,” and many members of the church home-schooled their children using the same program as the Duggars, Gothard’s Advanced Training Institute (ATI) method.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Bill Gothard himself talked about the time Josh Duggar spent at an IBLP training center as a teen. Duggar was sent there after he confessed to molesting his 5-year-old sister, and his “treatment” included doing construction work and “faith counseling.” Gothard claimed that Duggar emerged from the program with “a whole new respect for young ladies,” but Anna Duggar and Danica Dillon might not share the former religious leader’s opinion about Josh being a changed man.

Dan Parsons, a former teacher who worked for North Love Christian School, told Radar that there are no licensed medical professionals working at the Reformers Unanimous rehab center, and it’s “just another way for the church to make money.” Josh Duggar will spend much of his day studying the Bible and working as free labor for North Love. The Reformers Unanimous schedule doesn’t include any time with a counselor.

To make matters worse, Josh Duggar may be enrolled in a program influenced by the views of man who blames women for the “sins” of men. According to an in-depth report about IBLP that was recently published by Talking Points Memo, Gothard “sexually harassed female employees, blamed rape victims for provoking their attackers, and subjected young disciples to grueling physical labor for little or no pay.” One former follower of Gothard’s teachings told TPM that girls were taught that boys had no control over their sexual urges.

“It was our responsibility to help them control it by dressing modestly. And if we didn’t, we just got what we had coming to us.”

In other words, Josh Duggar may be learning that it’s not his fault that he cheated on his wife — those scantily-clad women on the internet are to blame for his actions. A source close to the Duggar family recently told ETonline that Josh has shown “no remorse” for cheating on Anna Duggar, and he indicated that he also didn’t feel guilty about molesting his younger sisters by joking about the sexual abuse. This is another sign that his views about women are unlikely to change.

Studying the Bible and working didn’t inspire Josh Duggar to change his behavior the first time around, so do you think that there’s any chance it will work now?

[Image credit: Anna Duggar/Instagram]