Amazing Slow Motion Video Shows Taser Impact On Bare Skin At 28,000 FPS

How does it feel to be shot with a police taser gun? No one in their senses would actually want to voluntarily find out how bad it hurts when one is shot using a Taser. However, one person – a braveheart named Dan Hafen — actually had the audacity to allow himself to be tased. Hafen, who works for Phantom, a company that makes extreme slow motion cameras, was a part of YouTube stars “The Slow Mo Guys”‘ latest video, which was aimed at making viewers aware as to what actually happens when a taser is fired.

Since the video had to be done in a legal manner, the Slow Mo guys had to travel to the Taser headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona so that the experiment could be done in a controlled environment. The video starts off with a couple of clips that show how the taser is expelled from the gun in slow motion. They start off at a 1,000 frames per second, which turns out to be too slow. So, they crank the frames to an astonishing 28,500 frames per second to catch the taser in action. At that kind of frame rate, it is a fascinating watch, especially the multitude of colored confetti that explodes from inside the taser gun. They explain in the video that the confetti explodes for a reason. Every confetti that comes out of the taser gun has a unique serial number. This helps police to confirm that the taser was indeed fired at a crime scene and not somewhere else.

In the second part of the video, a shirtless Dan Hafen is seen held by two men – getting ready to be shot by the taser gun. Moments later, slow motion cameras capture the moment Dan is shot using the Taser X26 – the company’s most popular model.

The amazing footage shows Dan’s muscle contracting as the probes from the taser gun penetrate the skin to deliver a high voltage current. In case of the Taser X26, the voltage peaks at a staggering 50,000 volts. Dan is visibly at pain (who wouldn’t be?) at the impact as the shock travels through his body for close to 5 seconds.

“It feels like it’s never going to end. It’s a long five seconds.” Dan says after getting shot by the taser gun.

“I didn’t really feel the probes. I feel like my muscles have locked up.”

The footage that was posted on Youtube on September 10. It has already managed to garner over 2.2 million views. Coincidentally, just a day after the video was uploaded, a massive explosion left seven people injured at the Taser headquarters shown in the video.

[Image Via YouTube]