Watch Biker Plunge 60 Meters Down Vertical Side Of Dam In Crazy Death-Defying Stunt

Amazing GoPro footage captures the adrenaline-pumping moment of a death-defying stunt by a daredevil cyclist who plunges 60 meters down the near-vertical side of a dam into a lake in Slovenia.

The video, uploaded to YouTube on September 2, 2015 by GoPro World, shows the daredevil rider, identified as Primož Ravnik, hurtling in a near-vertical drop down the concrete side of a dam with a GoPro camera attached to his helmet.

The video shows the rider standing on his pedals as his bike free-falls 60 meters down the concrete side of the dam towards a pool of greenish water at the bottom.

The bike gains speed under the pull of gravity and the ground rushes up towards the rider. When the bike hits the base of the concrete ramp the GoPro view shifts abruptly and the rider splashes and sinks under the water, but emerges a few moments later.

Bike Plunges In Near-Vertical Drop Down Concrete Side Of Dam

As he emerges, we see a friend swimming towards him in case he needs help.

The video has been gone viral online, having been viewed more than 2 million times.

Ravnik performed the suicidal stunt as his entry for a GoPro POV stunt video competition that offers $20,000 prize money. The contestant able to record the craziest stunt gets the grand prize.

According to the video description, GoPro and Pinbike teamed up to organize the GoPro Line of the World contest.

The contest organizers are accepting GoPro POV stunt videos until October 31. They are awarding $1,000 for the best video each month, according to RT. A grand winner would then be selected from among the monthly winners.

The grand winner receives the $20,000 grand prize.

Biker Accelerates Down Side Of Dam

YouTube viewers have given varied reactions to the video. Some expressed amazement while others struggled to understand why some people risk their lives needlessly.

“The ultimate belly flop. Seems like that would f**k**g hurt and possibly even knock the wind out of someone.”

“ROFL — Slovakians are known for their suicidal tendencies, now they’re doing it with GoPro.”


“Would have been much more epic if he rode down backwards.”

GoPro technology appears to have inspired a trend involving adrenaline junkies struggling to outdo each other to shoot the craziest POV stunt video. And they have proved they are willing to go to insane lengths to show they can do it better than the competition.

[Images: YouTube/GoPro World]